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AtmoBar, Track Your NetAtmo Weather Station From Your Mac’s Menubar

AtmoBar, Track Your NetAtmo Weather Station From Your Mac’s Menubar

AtmoBar is Mac app that works with the NetAtmo weather station you have in your back yard (or on your balcony, for city dwellers). It sits in your menubar and gives readouts and graphs with just a click.

It sure beats just looking out the window.

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IFTTT Now DMs Your Roommate When His Music Is Too Loud

dm music

I probably wouldn’t written anything about the new Netatmo Weather Station Channel on IFTTT, but then I saw one of the sample automatic actions that it can trigger, and figured I had to show you. Once set up, you can have IFTTT send a Twitter DM to your roommate when his music is too loud. Amazing.

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Weather Geeks Rejoice: Netatmo Adds A Rain Gauge [CES 2014, Exclusive]


Netatmo’s rain gauge looks like modern sculpture. Photo: Netatmo

CES 2014 bug LAS VEGAS — With the throng of tech bloggers covering CES, it’s not often that the heavily covered show hands us a surprise — but here’s one.

Netatmo, the French outfit best known for its fancy cloud-connected micro/personal Weather Station (and now also a device that measures your level of sun exposure), is about to add a hard-core new component: a rain gauge.

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Netatmo’s Smart Bracelet Warns You When The Sun Is Frying Your Skin [CES 2014]


CES 2014 bug Worried about what the sun’s harmful rays are doing to your skin? With June, a new smart bracelet from Netatmo that’s aimed at women, you can find out exactly how much exposure your skin is getting, then decide what kind of sunscreen you need to stay safe.

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Netatmo Transforms Your iOS Device Into A Beautiful Home Weather Station [Review]

Netatmo weather station 4

I’m a borderline weather geek. I don’t just like to know the temperature — both inside and out — I even keep a hydrometer in my home so I can keep tabs on the humidity, cause you know, that’s important.

So naturally, when I found out about the Netatmo Weather Station ($179), I was a little excited. With its indoor and outdoor weather modules, the Netatmo tracks a lot more than just the current temperature. Plus, unlike my crappy $5 hydrometer, it relays all its readings in a unified way, presented beautifully in an iOS app optimized for both my iPhone and iPad.

Here’s how it works.

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