Dogfight From Your Mac To iPhone With Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy [OS X Tips]


Sky Gamblers

What’s more satisfying than screaming through the air, blasting enemies coming around you in a full 360 degree radius, firing all your weapons and avoiding enemy flack and planes?

Doing that with your buddies, of course! Namco’s Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is a gorgeous, fast-paced dogfighting air combat game for your Mac at an inexpensive five bucks. Using Apple’s Game Center system, you can join up to three other buddies to play in cooperative and competitive modes, like Survival, Free For All, Capture The Flag, and more. Even better? You can invite your buddies who may not have a Mac but who do have an iPhone or iPad for some real-time multiplayer dogfighting action. Here’s how.

Namco Brings Three Idolm@ster Games To iOS, Charges $55 Apiece



Namco Bandai’s Idolm@ster series has been exclusive to Japan since it first debuted in 2005, so you’ve probably never heard of it, despite their popularity. But Namco has translated three of the titles into English and ported them over to iOS, giving fans all over the world the chance to experience the Japanese sensation for the first time.

The only problem is, they’re priced at $54.99 each!

Must-Have Games That Truly Take Advantage Of What Your New iPhone 5 Can Do [Roundup]


Screen Shot 2012-09-21 at 16.58.58

Gaming is going to be a new experience on the iPhone 5 with that larger 4-inch display, which means it’s going to take a little while for your favorite games to be optimized. Fortunately, there are some incredible titles already available. We’ve put together a list of the best ones, so that you can start enjoying your iPhone’s 4-inch display the day you unwrap it.

Namco’s “Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy” Retina iPad Game Goes Live In The App Store


The Retina-ready iPad game Namco demoed onstage at Apple’s media event last week has gone live in the App Store. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy costs $5 as a universal download for the iPhone and iPad.

Like Skies of Glory and other 3D flight simulators, Sky Gamblers uses your iOS device’s accelerometer and gyroscopes to control your fighter jet in the air. The graphics looked stunning onstage last week, so we can’t wait to try this game on our new iPads this weekend!

Beat The Crap Out Of People As Steve Jobs In Soul Calibur V [Humor]



The iOS version of Namco’s classic 3D swords-and-sorcery fighter Soul Calibur has been in the App Store for about a month now (and recently got an update guaranteeing 60FPS gameplay on all A5 devices), but if you want the true Apple Soul Calibur experience, you should check out the latest sequel for the consoles, Soul Calibur V. Only there can you create a character that looks exactly like Steve Jobs, then make him bludgeon sexy miniskirt babes, whip-tailed lizard men, and cyborg nights to death with a literal Apple. Awesome.


SoulCalibur Is Coming To iOS This Week


SoulCalibur finally allows you to compete with friends over Bluetooth.
SoulCalibur finally allows you to compete with friends over Bluetooth.

Namco’s classic arcade fighter SoulCalibur is finally making its way to the App Store this week. Having been announced way back in October, we’ve been itching to get our hands on it for three months now, and we’ll be one of the first to grab it when it arrives on Thursday, January 19.

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Fifa 11, 0.03 Seconds Pro, BIT.TRIP BEAT HD & More!



This week’s top iOS games features EA Sports’ latest addition to the Fifa series in Fifa 11, which delivers console quality gaming to your iPhone. Offering an outstanding visual experience on the Retina display, and improved controls that make for fluid gameplay, Fifa 11 gives other soccer games in the App Store some great competition for 2011.

BIT.TRIP BEAT HD is an arcade game from Namco that fuses Pong with interactive beats in a colorful, pixelated environment. Listen to the different beat progressions and try to survive the onslaught of spectacular retro visuals as you bounce back beats from where they came. BIT.TRIP BEAT also features an intense multiplayer mode that allows you team up with your friends.

The incredibly addictive 0.03 Seconds Pro tests your reaction time using various different puzzles over 24 challenging stages, and then rates your score out of 5 stars. The puzzles seem simple, but you’ll be tearing your hair out as you try to beat the reaction time for each level and grab a 5-star score.

We also have an awesome augmented reality game that’s probably the best yet for iOS, and a chance to win one of the games featured in this week’s post.