Master Arduino to build your own dream machines [Deals]


This Arduino board and bundle of lessons is great for beginner and seasoned builders alike.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The coming internet of things is going to require a lot of, well, things. If you’ve got an interest in building physical devices that run on digital DNA, the best place to start is with Arduino. With their simple electronics platform, you can bring almost anything your mind imagines into the real world. From games, gadgets and toys to sensors, robotics and way beyond, Arduino is the ideal canvas for any mechanically-inclined creative. If you’re interested and not sure where to start, or a seasoned builder looking to sharpen your skills, you’ll want to see this pair of can’t-miss deals on a top shelf Arduino board and a set of eight instructional e-books. Read on for more details:

Name your price to master mobile app development [Deals]


CoM - Pay What You Want- Mobile Cross Platform Development Bundle
More than 100 hours of training will prepare you for a fruitful career in mobile development.
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Mobile is the platform of the future, and learning to build apps for mobile devices is where the work is for developers. In a vast and fast-changing field, you’ll want a leg up to get started. That’s exactly what this massive bundle of nine iOS coding courses offers.

Clocking in at more than 100 hours of lesson content, it will teach you a wide range of tools, techniques and languages to build scalable mobile apps. The best part? Right now you can name your price for the entire Mobile Cross Platform Development Bundle at Cult of Mac Deals.

Boost productivity with a bundle of premium Mac apps [Week’s Best Deals]


Stuff your Mac with top shelf apps, keep your devices charged anywhere in the world, and more in the week's best new deals.
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Another week, another round of great new deals at the Cult of Mac Store. This go-round, we’ve got a voltage converter that’ll keep you charged all over the world, a powerful mind-mapping tool for more productive studying and reading, a bundle of a dozen top-shelf Mac apps, and an extra-long, extra-tough Lightning cable that’ll outlive us all.

And everything’s going for a fraction of the usual price!

Woolet is the smart wallet you’ll never lose [Review]


Woolet wallet
Never worry about losing a wallet again.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

If you’ve ever lost a wallet, you’ll know it’s one of the most frustrating experiences. You have to cancel your cards, order a new driver’s license, and sometimes you’ll lose precious memories — like photos that can’t be replaced. But you’ll never have to go through that again with Woolet.

Woolet is a smart wallet that connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth. Every time you leave it behind, it sends an alert to your iPhone to remind you to go back and pick it up. It looks good and has plenty of space for cards and cash.

It’s also available in a travel size that’s big enough to carry your passport.

Last chance for Earth Day bonus: Get an extra $10 for your old Apple gear


Earth Day gadget buyback
Save the earth and get paid! Trade-in your old Apple gear this week for cash, and take advantage of our Earth Day bonus: an extra $10 on every trade-in.
Photo: Pexels

Last chance! We’ve extended our special Earth Day buyback bonus until Monday.

Americans throw away 9.4 million tons of electronics each year, according to Earth 911. That’s roughly equivalent to the weight of 1.88 million elephants — way more elephants than are even alive today.

Fight that e-waste nightmare by trading in your old Apple gear, and you can take advantage of our Earth Day bonus: You’ll get an extra $10 on every trade-in — just use the coupon code “earthday”!

How to make your videos more amazing with Clips


Clips will make your lame videos look super-mega LIT!
Clips will make your lame videos look super-mega LIT!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s new Clips app wants to be your go-to for making short, fun videos geared for social networks. Clips is the perfect tool for the social media generation, allowing users to bust out engaging videos in seconds.

While the user interface is pretty simple, Clips packs a bevy of tools that help put a unique spin on your shots. Getting the hang of all the features can take a while, so we’ve rounded up some pointers on how to make the most of the new app.

Follow these Clips tips to make your videos pop.

Get Apple’s new video app Clips and go crazy


Spice up your videos with Clips.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new app Clips finally arrived on the App Store today, bringing iPhone and iPad owners an all-new way to make fun and silly videos that are perfect for social networks.

Clips lets users combine video clips, photos and music into short videos that can be up to an hour long. You can also add flair to your videos by adding filters, emoji, stickers, captions and more. But according to some early reviews, navigating the simple app can be a bit complex.

(Update: We’ve got a tip sheet for making the most of Apple’s new video app: How to make your videos more amazing with Clips.)

Use this VPN to stay anonymous and secure for life [Deals]


CoM - TigerVPN
This is a great deal on a lifetime of comprehensive VPN protection.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The internet is full of headaches and hazards, whether it’s the constant snooping on personal data, the threat of identity theft or the annoyance of location restrictions. One reliable way to minimize all of the above is to sign on via a virtual private network, or VPN.

By channeling your traffic through a series of encrypted servers, you can vastly enhance your online anonymity and security. Right now you can get a lifetime of protection through TigerVPN for just $29 at Cult of Mac Deals. That’s already a huge 96 percent discount, but if you enter DIGIWEEK15 at checkout you’ll get an additional 15 percent off.

This handmade Apple Watch band is a true triple threat [Watch Store]


The Triple Tour is handmade from a solid piece of vegetable-tanned leather, and can be worn three ways.
Photo: Traci Dauphin/Cult of Mac

In a tiny workshop in Austin, Texas, one of my all-time-favorite leather straps for Apple Watch is made carefully by hand. The Triple Tour Band by Arrow & Board is a “split” version of the ubiquitous Double Tour strap — popularized by the beautiful albeit monstrously-priced Hermès version.

Best yet, Cult of Mac Watch Store is giving you 10 percent off any Triple Tour or Arrow & Board strap with this code at checkout: Arrow&Board2017

This iPhone 7 can run Windows XP


No, it's not fake.
No, it's not fake.
Photo: Hacking Jules

With million of apps at your fingertips, there’s little you can’t do with an iPhone. You can even get one to run Windows XP without jailbreaking — as demonstrated in the video below — but don’t expect it to replace your desktop.