This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Uplink, Project 83113, Golf KingDoms & More [Roundup]


Computer hacking, side-scrolling golf, European soccer, and more — all in this week's must-have games roundup.
Computer hacking, side-scrolling golf, European soccer, and more — all in this week's must-have games roundup.

Kicking off this week’s must-have games roundup is Uplink, a title you may remember from 2001, when it made its debut on PC. This computer hacking simulator has now been remastered for the iPad’s touchscreen, and despite being 11 years old, it’s still an awesome game.

Accompanying Uplink is a hugely enjoyable platformer, a unique take on golf, a first-person catapulting game, and more.

‘Sky Combat’ is the Ultimate Aerial Shoot ‘Em Up [Must-Have Game]


Sky Combat for iPhone

Sky Combat($0.99) iPhone – Games

Sky Combat is a vertical shooter from Chillingo that combines cutting-edge graphics with classic shoot ’em up gameplay to deliver one of the most visually stunning aerial assault games for the iPhone. It’s packed full of intensely exciting levels and challenging bosses that pack some serious action; dodge missiles, hails of bullets, tank fire, and turrets, on your mission to take over the skies. Three difficulties levels ensure Sky Combat is hugely enjoyable whatever your level of gaming experience, and give you a reason to keep coming back for more in a bid to beat every tier.

For an unparalleled aerial combat experience and blow-away graphics that make the Retina display worth having, grab Sky Combat today for the bargain price of $0.99!

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: NBA Jam, Karoshi, Hungry Shark 3 & More!


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Kicking off our list of must-have iOS games this week is NBA Jam, the latest App Store hit from EA Sports, featuring all the over-the-top, high-flying, 2-on-2 arcade basketball action, just as you remember it. Relive that ’90s nostalgia with the hottest new arcade sports game for the iPhone, with the voice of Tim Kitzrow, the original NBA Jam play-by-play announcer.

Also in our favorites this week is Karoshi, an incredibly popular PC game which has now made its way to the iPhone, and also into the news headlines this week thanks to its dark storyline. Unlike the majority of games in which your sole purpose is to survive, in this one you take control of an overworked Japanese businessman whose mission is to end it all. As horrific and offensive as it sounds, it’s nowhere near as bad as you think, and it’s actually a lot of light-hearted fun.

Hungry Shark – Part 3 is the third of our choices this week, as well as the third in this series of top-selling aquatic eat ’em-ups. Chomp your way to the top of the food chain as you trawl the depths of the ocean in search of food to satisfy your voracious appetite in the most exciting Hungry Shark yet.

Find out more about the games above and check out the rest of this week’s must-haves, including Carnivores: Ice Age and Chicken Coup, after the break!

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Bop It!, Sacred Odyssey, Battleheart & More!


Screen shot 2011-02-05 at 22.44.52

First on our list of must-have iOS games this week is EA’s latest hit, Bop It!, which brings all of the crazy fun from the incredibly popular Hasbro handheld game to your iPhone and iPod touch. Listen to the whacky commands and get ready to test your reflexes in this frantic mega hit.

Also on our list of favorites this week is Gameloft’s latest App Store release, Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden. Plunge in to the most ambitious action RPG ever made for iOS in this amazing adventure that features countless hours of fascinating gameplay set in a glorious 3D world.

Battleheart is a unique fantasy combat game from the creators of Zombieville USA and OMG Pirates, which distills some of the greatest elements of roleplaying and real-time strategy games and incorporates them in to this remarkable battler that also earns a place in our pick of this week’s top games.

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This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Battlefield, Real Racing 2, N.O.V.A. 2 & More!



The run up to the festive holiday is great news for iOS gamers – with the App Store closed for submissions over Christmas, developers are working hard to ensure that their applications are approved and ready for purchase before Apple closes the doors. This means that a torrent of games have been surging in to the App Store over the past week, and to help you separate the good from the bad, here’s our list of must-have games released over the past week.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has been a huge hit on games consoles for many months now, and thanks to EA, first-person shooter fans can now enjoy this awesome title on their iPhones. It features classic Battlefield warfare with intense single-player missions and online multiplayer that’s guaranteed to keep you entertained this Christmas.

Teaser trailers and screenshots for Real Racing 2 have been popping up all over the place in the past few weeks, and Real Racing fans have been very much looking forward to the game’s release. Firemint’s second Real Racing title features officially licensed cars for the first time, multiple exciting game modes, and claims to be the most exhilarating racing experience on a handheld device.

N.O.V.A. 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to one of Gameloft’s most exciting games for iOS. The ultimate sci-fi first-person shooter returns, boasting improved A.I., better online multiplayer, a larger range of weapons, and a whole lot more. If you’re a fan of the first N.O.V.A., you won’t be disappointed.

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This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Infinity Blade, Cut the Rope, Jenga & More!



Featured in our list of must-have games this week is one of the most anticipated games yet for iOS. Infinity Blade uses Epic’s impressive Unreal Engine 3 technology to deliver a visually stunning sword fighter that’s packed full of adrenaline-fuelled action. Since its demo at Apple’s keynote back in September, every iOS gamer has been waiting for this game to hit the App Store.

Also on our list this week is Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift released especially for the festive season, Holiday Gift is a free gift to all of the Cut the Rope fans out there. It’s the same highly addictive puzzle game we all love, but now it’s all Christmassy.

The official Jenga game lets you take your favorite tower building game anywhere and recreate the most authentic Jenga experience on your iOS device. Designed in consultation with the inventor of the original wooden block game, Jenga features great 3D visuals, realistic physics, and multiple game modes. It’s just as entertaining as the original and deserves a place in our list of must-haves this week.

Check out the rest of this week’s must-have games after the break!

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Lego Harry Potter, Rage HD, UFC & More!



Our must-have games list this week is packed with some huge releases that are guaranteed to be a massive hit in the App Store.

At the top of our list is Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4, a brand new game from Warner Bros. that lets you experience Harry’s first four years at Hogwarts in a wonderful world made of Lego. Based on the Harry Potter books and movies, you can play as Harry, Ron, and Hermione as you explore Hogwarts and engage in countless hours of enchanting gameplay.

Also among our favorites this week is the graphically impressive first-person rail shooter, Rage HD. This much-anticipated game casts you in the staring role of a post-apocalyptic game show in which you’ll be stalked by hungry mutants as you attempt to survive each level.

UFC Undisputed 2010 is the only mixed martial arts video game that delivers the action, intensity, and prestige of the Ultimate Fighting Championship to your iPhone and iPad. Step in to the virtual Octagon and see if you have what it takes to be the ultimate UFC fighter.

Other games in our must-have list this week include Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Astronut, and Star Battalion HDcheck them out after the break!

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Amateur Surgeon 2, Gobliiins & More!



At the top of our favorite games list this week is the second instalment of Amateur Surgeonthe game that lets you attempt surgery with a pizza cutter. With new patients, new surgeries, and a whole slew of medical ethics violations, this sequel sure packs an entertaining punch.

Gobliiins is another of our must-haves this week. Relive the Gobliiins adventures in this blast from the past that redelivers the original screenplay and soundtrack from the classic puzzler.

Also on our list of must-haves is the fantastic LEGO Creationary and Spider-Man Total Mayhem in HD. Check them out after the break!

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Age of Zombies, Worms 2, Word Solitaire & More!



Featured in this week’s must-have iOS games is the much-anticipated Age of Zombies – the new game from Halfbrick Studios. The creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash bring us their biggest adventure yet, which sees the return of Barry Steakfries – the tough-as-nails commando who loves nothing more than to shoot up zombies.

Also earning a place on our list of favorites this week is Gun Bros, another shoot ’em up from Glu that features non-stop 3D action as the ‘Bros’ attempt to protect the cosmos from the evil ‘T.O.O.L.’ organization, who are set out to enslave the universe.

Word Solitaire: Aurora is a unique word puzzler that puts an interesting, intellectual twist on the classic Solitaire card game, and another of our favorites this week. Instead of cards that feature numbers, you play with cards that feature letters, and you must drag and drop to arrange them in to words.

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