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Beep, a $150 Wi-Fi Volume Knob That Streams Music From Pandora

Beep, a $150 Wi-Fi Volume Knob That Streams Music From Pandora

Beep is a weird little device that could be either just the thing you’re looking for, or the stupidest accessory ever. It’s a Wi-Fi volume knob that hooks up to your speakers, and streams music either direct from Pandora, or from your iDevice via its own companion app. No AirPlay, no Rdio or Spotify. I told you it was weird.

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Forgotify Serves Up Spotify’s 4 Million Unplayed Tracks

Forgotify Serves Up Spotify’s 4 Million Unplayed Tracks

Forgotify is kind of like that box at the back of the thrift store which holds vinyl records so bad that even the sample-crazy music nerds won’t touch them – only on the internet. It’s a web service that collects the roughly 4 million (!) unplayed tracks on Spotify, and serves them up to you at random.

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iLoud Bluetooth Guitar Speaker Rawks [Review]


iLoud byIK Multimedia
Category: Speakers
Works With: Anything
Price: $300

To save time, here’s my advice: If you have an iPad or iPhone, a guitar and $300 to spend, then spend it on the iLoud. It’s a small, portable Bluetooth speaker that is way louder than any other Bluetooth speaker, and it lets you plug in your guitar and use your iPhone – wirelessly – to add effects using an app like IK Multimedias’s AmpliTube.

More importantly, the iLoud rocks.

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Rap Genius Launches iPhone App For Its Lyrical Breakdowns


Having just crawled out of its smackdown from Google, Rap Genius is back with a new app for iOS that gives you access the site’s breakdowns and explanations on all those pop songs you just don’t understand.

The Genius app lets you swim in the all the annotations for song lyrics, poems, and news articles provided by the Rap Genius community. Once you install the app it scans your iTunes Library to prep all your song lyrics. There’s also a Shazam like function that can find lyrics for any song that’s playing around you.

The app is only available on iPhone with no word on an iPad version or upcoming support for Android, but you can grab it for free on iTunes starting today.

Here are the full release notes:

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IFTTT Now DMs Your Roommate When His Music Is Too Loud

dm music

I probably wouldn’t written anything about the new Netatmo Weather Station Channel on IFTTT, but then I saw one of the sample automatic actions that it can trigger, and figured I had to show you. Once set up, you can have IFTTT send a Twitter DM to your roommate when his music is too loud. Amazing.

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iKlip 2, The iPad Music Stand, Now Available For iPad Air


Most musicians I know are struggling to buy a new set of guitar strings, let alone a new iPad Air. But if you are a music-making, iPad-toting, live-gig-playing musician, then you might be interested in IK Multimedia’s new iKlip 2, and the accompanying iPad Adapter.

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Find What Tab Is Playing Sound With Google Chrome’s Latest Update

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 7.43.48 AM

For those of us who live the lives of professional bloggers, here’s a common occurence. You wake up in the morning and load up a bunch of tabs of stories you want to read that day. Soon, you have two or three dozen tabs open, one of which has an auto-playing video. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t bloody find the thing!

Yeah. Chrome just fixed that.

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Spotify Now Free On iOS: Shuffle For iPhone, All Music For iPad

spotify free

iPhone users can now enjoy Spotify music for free, as long as you’re happy with shuffling through your tune. And even better news for iPad owners: the tablet version of the app treats you iPad as if it were a desktop machine, letting your listen to any music you like.

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Griffin StudioConnect HD Turns Your iPad Into A Multitrack Recording Studio [CES 2014]


CES 2014 bug Griffin has added a non-ugly, multitrack version of its StudioConnect music box. The sturdy-looking unit lets you record multiple instruments on your iPad (or Mac, if you’re still living in 2010), piping the results straight into the music software of your choice.

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Kanto YU2 Media Speakers: Astounding, Room-Wrecking Sound From Small Speakers [Review]

kanto-yu2 003

YU2 by Kanto
Category: media speakers
Price: $229

Kanto’s YU2s seem to come from a time when speakers were solid, simple structures; proud temples to sound that said of their owners, Hey, I’m serious about music, and I know what I’m doing. Aesthetics were important, of course, but unquestioningly took a backseat to sound. Sound was king.

If you haven’t heard of Kanto before, that’s OK — the Canadian outfit just sprouted up in the Vancouver suburbs around five years ago. The YU2s are Kanto’s latest speakers, the smallest of their lineup of a half-dozen or so, and they’re designed to fit unobtrusively on a bookshelf or desk and play music from your computer or mobile device.

The YU2’s performance during our review, however, was nothing short of astonishing — and they could very capably substitute for larger speakers in a variety of roles.

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