Lights, camera, Apple: Cupertino makes music videos for Apple Music stars


Pharrell launched his latest jam on Apple Music.
Pharrell launched his latest jam on Apple Music.
Photo: Apple

Apple is getting one step closer to becoming its own record label by creating its own artistic content — having recently produced in-house music videos for top-name artists such as Drake, Eminem and Pharrell.
The videos — which include Em’s “Phenomonal” and Pharrell’s “Happy” — debuted on Apple Music. Future artists Apple will reportedly be producing videos for include M.I.A., Purity Ring, Diddy and James Bay.

Black Eyed Peas rapper on Apple and the blessing of challenges


The Black Eyed Peas co-founder relies heavily on Apple gear. Photo: Sebastien Camelot/Flickr CC
The Black Eyed Peas co-founder relies heavily on Apple gear. Photo: Sebastien Camelot/Flickr CC

The Black Eyed Peas’ co-founder is at the top of his game in the music industry and a total Apple fan. He’s also just beginning to speak out about his journey from a young boy with a visual impairment to his current status as a star vocal coach on The Voice of The Philippines.

“I was born with my eye condition,”, aka Allan Pineda, told Cult of Mac. “Today, I feel much less handicapped by my legal blindness as technology has helped me a lot…. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t extremely tough at times, and occasionally I still feel challenged by it.”

He lives and breathes by his MacBook Pro, thinks Siri is amazing and messes about with music apps on his phone. He shared with Cult of Mac the story of his early life, the visual problem known as nystagmus, and his reliance on and use of technology and Apple products, which he says have helped him get through “a lot of things that would otherwise leave me helpless.”

NASA launches its sense of humor in parody music video


A dance line of NASA interns from a scene in their parody music video called
A dance line of NASA interns from a scene in their parody music video called "All About That Space." From NASA video

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make a music video, and maybe you shouldn’t be. Turns out, rocket scientists can’t dance.
NASA released a parody video on YouTube Thursday called “All About That Space,” designed to raise excitement about Orion’s recent first test flight.

The lyrics of Meghan Trainor’s monster hit “All About That Bass” were re-engineered by the Pathways Interns of NASA’s Johnson Space Center to lead the viewer on a behind-the-scenes look at the men and woman hard at work on space travel.

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this insane OK Go video


The latest video from OK Go is even more OK Go than ever. Photo: OK Go
The latest video from OK Go is even more OK Go than ever. Photo: OK Go

Indie rock band OK Go has a reputation for doing wild and crazy one-shot videos for it’s new releases, and today’s reveal on NBC’s Today show is no exception.

Check out this insane short film where the band performs its second single “I Won’t Let You Down” from the new album Hungry Ghosts. They chair dance atop Honda UNI-CUBs, “omni-directional driving wheel systems” that are in the development stage. Think sitting-down Segways and you’ll have an idea.

Better yet, check out the video below, filmed in Chiba Prefecture, Japan this past August. And make sure you stay for the final, mind-blowing minute where the shot goes high.

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There’s not many people out there who can claim that their iTunes library is in pristine shape. In fact, more people will admit that it’s a bit of a mess – or even a chaotic one. That’s where TuneUp Version 3 can come to the rescue…no matter how messy your iTunes is. And Cult of Mac Deals has it for only $29.99 for a limited time.

This Surreal Music Video Shows A Bizarre Alternative Version Of Steve Jobs Founding Apple Computers


In the real world, as related in Walter Isaacson’s biography, the name of Apple Computers came when Steve Jobs was one one of his fruitarian diets, and was inspired to name his company after coming back from a mysterious commune in Oregon called “the Apple Orchard” because it sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating.”

In an alternate dimension filled with psychadelic bio-horror, though, what if Steve Jobs named his company Apple because he bit into an Apple and cut his mouth on a microchip inside, after which he began to be haunted by squiggling, biomechanical creatures with lurid, prehensile appendages strung together from silicon and copper wire.

The latter is the origin of Apple Computers as conveyed in Ryan Patrick’s new music video for Miike Snow’s “Pretender,” and while it may seem all a bit surreal, behind the best surrealism is another way of looking at the truth. Our friend Mark Wilson says over at FastCo. Design that maybe the best way to summarize Jobs’s life story is “as a gifted wild child who earnestly searched life for meaning and found computers.” Weird as it is, that’s what the video to “Pretender” is about too.

Via: Fast Co. Design

Watch This Hilarious Rap Video Made By Apple Store Employees [Video] [Updated]



Update: Unfortunately, the video has been pulled again.

An interesting music video by Apple Store employees was floating around the internet yesterday, but the video was eventually pulled. (It was that good.)

Now, the video has been re-uploaded to YouTube for all to see. The rap outlines Apple’s customer support steps of service that new retail employees have to learn.

A gold start to anyone that can sit through the whole song. Invents The 360-Degree Music Video — And It Can Only Be Seen On iDevices



Boom boom, pow — the Black Eyed Peas, already one of the most cutting-edge bands to rock an iPod, may just have made music videos so two-thousand-and-late. That’s because they released an app today that includes a stunning, immersive 360-degree, augmented-reality enabled music video that sticks you in the middle of the action with the ability to pan around and become part of the action. And guess what — it’s only available on the iPhone, with no plans announced yet to make it available for any other platform.