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Gerber Multi-Tool Packs Camera-Phone Tripod

Gerber Multi-Tool Packs Camera-Phone Tripod

A camera-phone stand, and a bottle opener. What more could you need?

Just when you thought there was nothing more that could be squeezed into a pocket-sized multitool, Gerber comes along with the Steady, and proves our imagination to be pathetically limited. What does this many-bladed wonder bring to the transforming tool party? A camera tripod.

Gerber’s Steady Tool is aimed at real everyday use, with a slew of practical, non-specialized tools. There’s a pair of needle-nose pliers, flat and serrated blades, a bottle opener (essential), screwdrivers, wire cutters and of course a tripod and cellphone/camera mount.

The body of the tool forms one leg, while the other two stick out like a sea lion’s flippers. You can either screw a standard thread into the bottom of a camera or tripod-compatible phone cases, or you can use the suction cup to stick the sleek, smooth glass back of your iPhone 4 to the 5.8-ounce tool.

The Steady will cost you $64. Not cheap, but you do get Gerber quality, plus everything you need to conduct a booze-filled picnic.

[Via Uncrate]