Shortcat Might Just Mean You Never Touch Your Mac’s Mouse Again


One of the things that was fantastic about vintage PCs is the way your hands never had to leave the keyboard: everything was just a command away. The graphic user interface first introduced to the world with the Macintosh is obviously a big step forward when it comes to general accessibility, pointing an onscreen at an object to click on it can often be a step backwards when it comes to speed for die-hard power users.

If that sounds like you, Shortcat is a new, free app that you should download which aims to bring the command line to the GUI.

The Mobee Magic Feet Adds Inductive Charging To All Your Apple Peripherals [CES 2012]



The Magic Feet from Mobee looks set to become the perfect accompaniment to Apple’s wireless peripherals, by introducing an inductive charging system that wirelessly charges the batteries in your Bluetooth keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad, without you having to remove them.

It charges three accessories simultaneously, with just 6 hours required for a full charge. It also introduces four more USB ports to your Mac.