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Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts to make your mom giddy

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

The Moshi Urbana is stylish on the outside and filled with nerdy goodness on the inside. Perfect for mom. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

We know all you good boys and girls have had your Mother’s Day gifts wrapped and hidden in the basement for weeks and weeks, but the staff here at Cult of Mac has been so busy covering all the Apple Watch that the holiday crept up on us. So we thought we would share our last-minute Mother’s Day gift guide with you, in case you’re in the same sad boat.

Let’s be honest, though, most of these items come straight from wish lists of the Cult of Mac wives, so even if you already picked out the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for mom, who doesn’t like a “just because you rock” gift?

Moshi Urbana briefcase (above) — $149.95

Smart, stylish and surprisingly spacious, Moshi’s Urbana briefcase will swallow a 15-inch MacBook and still have room for mom’s iPad, books and everything else she always seems to have on hand during a time of emergency. The Urbana offers plenty of pockets for organizing the essentials, plus water-resistant protection from the elements. Geeky enough to make a nerdy mom happy, while stylish enough to not be embarrassing.

Buy from: Amazon

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Xync’s cable-concealing carabiner could double as a paperweight


The Xync is handy, but a bit too bulky. Photos: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Moshi’s Xync packs a Lightning-to-USB charging cable into a handy, dangly carabiner-clip package, and adds a secret compartment on the side. But is it better than just carrying a regular Lightning cable in your pocket/bag? The short answer? Hmm…

The long version? Read on.

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Moshi’s VersaKeyboard is a fantastic case (and a pretty good keyboard)

This Moshi keyboard is great even without the keyboard. Photos Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

This Moshi keyboard is great even without the keyboard. Photos: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

I’m writing this review on a regular, full-size USB keyboard plugged into the Mac. That should be a warning sign right there — after all, this is a review of an iPad keyboard case. But that’s not the whole story. For instance, the case part of the Moshi VersaKeyboard is fantastic — so good that I’ve been using it as my main iPad case since it turned up for testing.

They keyboard is good, too, with keys as responsive as those on Logitech’s Ultrathin keyboard covers. So what’s the problem? Why am I not typing this review on the Moshi? Size.

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VersaKeyboard combines iPad Air case, keyboard and stand

VersaKeyboard combines iPad Air case, keyboard and stand

We like Moshi’s Verso covers, which fold – origami-like – into a variety of handy stands. And we (actually probably just me – nobody else here uses one) love the InCase Origami, which covers the Apple aluminum keyboard with a case that folds out into an iPad stand.

So how could I resist Moshi’s VersaKeyboard, which kind of does both?

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In A Sea Of Boring iPhone Cases, Moshi’s SenseCover Is Something Unique


Today Moshi announced the SenseCover, one of the most unique iPhone cases I’ve come across in a long time. By using touch-sensitive plates on the front of the case, the SenseCover allows you to answer incoming calls and turn off alarms without opening the front flap.

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Moshi VersaPouch Stays Useful Even After You Remove Your iPad


I just spent a week traveling with my Retina iPad mini, and there are a few things I learned. One is that you don’t have to worry about charging it like you did with the first full-sized retina iPad, the iPad 3 – the new retina mini can be juiced in a few hours tops. Another thing is that I like to have a good protective case for when I stuff the iPad into an already-full backpack.

But I don’t want a bulky cover that sticks around when I’m actually using the iPad. And this is where the new VersaPouch Mini Stand Case comes in.

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Moshi Luna Backlit Mac Keyboard Offers Curious Design Choices

Moshi’s Luna backlit Mac keyboard is a weird device. It’s a desktop device through-and-through, connecting via USB, but doesn’t have any USB ports itself – one of the major advantage of using a wired keyboard.

It also uses scissor-switched chiclet-stlye keys instead of something more substantial like you’d find in the Matias or DAS keyboards.

It does, however, sport Mac-friendly media keys, and packs a numerical keypad, perfect for moving your mouse further to the right and causing extra RSI.

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Moshi Introduces New Earbuds, Battery Pack & Lightning Cable With Zen-Like Design [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013Moshi’s bag is pretty simple. They aren’t the first accessory makers to enter a space, but when they do enter it, they try to do it with a certain degree of zen-like style. So we were interested in what Moshi had cooking when we stopped by their booth at Showstoppers. After an aborted attempt to try to get us to write up a really long HDMI cable, the cream bubbled up to the surface: the entry-level Mythro aluminum earbuds and the Ionbank 10K. And we were also, shallow as it is to say, pretty impressed with their aluminum Lightning cable.

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Moshi’s Muse Slipcover Cuddles Your iPad When You Can’t [Review]

Moshi’s Muse Slipcover Cuddles Your iPad When You Can’t [Review]Moshi’s Muse is a nice iPad-sized sleeve case that works with or without a Smartcover on your iPad 2. It looks great and feels good. Moshi made good use of thick microfiber fabrics when they designed the Muse along with the excellent tailoring and stitching. As a result the Muse feels great in your hands.

According to Moshi the Terahedron microfiber inner lining protects and cleans your iPad. It cleans your iPad’s screen and body as you insert and remove it from the Muse. During my tests the Muse was like most products that make claims about cleaning — it sort of worked, but not that well. I still prefer a microfiber cloth and some elbow grease.

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