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Buoyed By iPhone 5c/5s, Year-Over-Year iPhone Sales Could Be Up 28% This Quarter


Although since the iPhone 4S, Apple has launched new iPhones in the fourth fiscal quarter of every year, that’s not where the quarter they sell the most iPhones. It’s simple logistics: not only does Apple usually only have a couple weeks left in the fourth quarter to fit as many sales as possible into, but supplies of new iPhones tend to be constrained.

That’s not to say, though, that this won’t be a banner quarter for Apple. Thanks to the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, Apple will see year-over-year sales of iPhones increase by 28%, says one analyst.

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Apple Could Have Sold 32+ Million iPhones Last Quarter


Earlier today, we learned that Verizon actually sold a lot more iPhones last quarter than anyone expected, and now it looks like Apple might also be able to say the same. In fact, a Morgan Stanley analyst is now saying that her supply chain checks say Apple will beat their guidance this quarter by a sizable margin.

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Why An iPhone Mini Is Key For Apple Continuing To Grow


In addition to forecasting that Apple would double existing investor dividends to 6% by borrowing low-interest cash domestically. Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty walked away from her recent meeting with another conviction: that a cheaper ‘iPhone mini’ aimed at emerging markets was extremely likely

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Apple’s $330 ‘iPhone Mini’ Could Launch As Early As This Summer [Analyst]


Apple could launch its $330 “iPhone mini” as early as this summer to boost the company’s smartphone sales in China, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty. It’s expected the low-cost device could provide Apple with an additional 20% of the smartphone market, adding to the 10% it has already claimed with the iPhone 5. And with smartphone prices now beginning to stabilize in China, now would be an ideal time for such a device.

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T-Mobile Expected To Offer iPhone 5 In Early 2013 [Report]

T-Mobile Expected To Offer iPhone 5 In Early 2013 [Report]

T-Mobile deal could give Apple more than 2 million extra customers in Q1 2013.

T-Mobile is now the only major carrier in the United States that doesn’t offer the iPhone, because Apple’s device isn’t compatible with its 3G network. However, that could be about to change. One analyst believes that T-Mobile will finally get its chance to offer the iPhone 5 from early 2013.

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