Duty calls as Modern Warfare sequels finally come to Mac


Itching to take on the future techno-war depicted in the hyper-realistic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise? Well, if you’ve finished off the original Modern Warfare game on your Mac, ported in 2011 by Aspyr, it’s time to lock and load your weapon of choice for the next two installments in the series, Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3.

These huge sequels are available now for the Mac platform, on Steam or porting publisher Aspyr’s own GameAgent distribution service. The new Mac versions of the game have all the downloadable content (DLC) packs from each game ready for your first-person shooter marathon.

Gameloft Teases Modern Combat 4’s Meltdown Update With New Maps, Guns, Modes


Gameloft has today released a new teaser trailer for Modern Combat 4’s upcoming Meltdown update, which brings new maps, new weapons, new game modes, and more to the company’s popular first-person shooter. The update is coming to both Android and iOS, and it could be the last before Modern Combat 5 makes its debut.

Call Of Duty Elite For iOS Gets Black Ops II Support, Live-Steaming, Clan HQ


Getting Black Ops II today? Don't forget to update the companion app.
Getting Black Ops II today? Don't forget to update the companion app.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II launched today, and with it comes a new update to the Call of Duty Elite app for iOS. In addition to support for the latest game, the app brings an “all-new iPad experience,” which includes a new feature called Elite TV that allows you to live-stream Black Ops II gameplay and multiplayer guides.

Call Of Duty Elite Is Now Available On Your iPhone



Accompanying the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 back in November was a new service from Activision called Call of Duty Elite, which allows gamers to do all sorts of fancy things outside of the game such as monitor their stats, customize their classes, view action reports from previous matches, and more.

Activision promised the service would make its way to the iPhone with an official Call of Duty Elite app, and today, it’s available to download for free from the App Store.