Modbook Pro Brings OS X To The Tablet, Pre-Orders Start October 3


The closest you'll get to an iPad running OS X.
The closest you'll get to an iPad running OS X.

Have you ever looked at your iPad and wished it ran OS X, Apple’s desktop operating system? I have — like when I attempted to use WordPress in mobile Safari. But a Mac-powered tablet is no longer just a dream, thanks to the Modbook Pro. The Modbook Pro comes with all the benefits you get with an iPad, such as a touchscreen and excellent portability, but it runs Mountain Lion. And you can pre-order yours from October 3.

Want To Run OS X On Your iPad? The ModBook Pro Is The Next Best Thing


Way back before Apple unveiled the original iPad, your only choice for getting an Apple tablet was to buy a ModBook: converted MacBooks with built-in Wacom digitizers that operated like the tablet PCs of old.

Of course, once the iPad debuted, a lot of the market for the ModBook dried up, but now they’re back with the ModBook Pro, which takes the 13-inch MacBook Pro and turns it into an OS X-running tablet.