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Microsoft Brings Word, PowerPoint And Excel To iPad


The day has finally come. During a keynote today in San Francisco, Microsoft unveiled the Office suite for iPad. Rumors have said that Word would be unveiled for Apple’s tablet this month, but that’s not all; Microsoft has also released versions of PowerPoint and Excel.

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Take Your Skills To The Next Level With The Microsoft Office 2011 Course Bundle [Deals]


There’s a lot to Microsoft Office, and many of us are expected to dive right in and be competent with the software suite with little to no training. That’s where this Cult of Mac Deals promotion can help.

With this actionable course, you’ll learn be able to mater MS Office and take your skills to the next level (while impressing your co-workers and superiors in the process) with The Microsoft Office 2011 Course Bundle. And Cult of Mac Deals has this package available for only $39 for a limited time.

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Microsoft Office For iPad Reportedly Coming Next Thursday, March 27


Microsoft will finally unveil Office for iPad at a media event on March 27th, according to The Verge and ZDNet. The event will mark Satya Nadella’s first public appearance as Microsoft’s new CEO.

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Apparently Microsoft Has Office For iPhone And iPad Ready, So What’s The Holdup?


Microsoft has full versions of Office for iPhone and iPad ready for release, and now all it has to do is allegedly pull the trigger. It’s up to newly-appointed CEO Satya Nadell to make the call, according to Reuters.

Office for iOS has been rumored for years, but recent reports point towards the company finally releasing the software this year. The questions now are why has Microsoft waited so long, and has the ship already sailed?

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Microsoft Office Could Come To iPad Before Windows 8


We’ve been hearing tell that Microsoft will release a version of Office for iPad “soon” since at least February 2012, but instead of a native version, the only thing Microsoft has released so far is Office 365, a cloud-based version of the Office suite that works on mobile devices.

According to some well-connected insiders, though, the wait is almost over, and Microsoft could launch Microsoft Office for iPad in the next three months.

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Art Text 2: Photoshop For The Non-Technical Designer [Deals]


One of the best-selling apps in the Mac App Store designer category, Art Text 2 is a layer-based design application that will help you turn text into art. Whether it’s for business or personal needs, you can create logos, web graphics, and buttons – all in professional quality – without the steep learning curve of Photoshop or Illustrator.

And Cult of Mac Deals has it for 54% off the regular price – only $9!

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Steve Ballmer Confirms Office Will Come To iPad When It’s Ready For The Touchscreen


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed that Microsoft Office will come to the iPad just as soon as it’s ready for devices with a touchscreen. Speaking at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Florida today, Ballmer said, “iPad will be picked up when there’s a touch first user interface.”

That user interface is “in progress” Ballmer added, but it’s likely to come to the Windows version of Office first.

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Office For iPad Would Be Worth $2.5 Billion To Microsoft, Per Year


Rumors (and credible leaks) about Microsoft Office for iPad have been swirling for at least a year, but so far, the best you can do is load up Office 365 in your iPad’s web browser. If you want a tablet that natively runs office, you have to buy a Surface.

There’s a reason for that. Microsoft knows that Office is the biggest reason why someone might buy a Surface over an iPad. But by refusing to release Office for iPad, Microsoft is leaving a lot more money on their table than they are taking from it in Surface orders, at least according to one analyst.

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Work On Microsoft Office Documents On The Go With Polaris Office For iOS [Sponsored Post]

Work On Microsoft Office Documents On The Go With Polaris Office For iOS [Sponsored Post]

The iPhone and iPad are the perpetual accessories of today’s office warrior, yet even so, the pickings are slim for the professional who wants an app suite capable of reading and writing Microsoft Office documents on the go.

Luckily, that’s all changed. Polaris Office is here, and it’s not just Microsoft Office on your iPhone or iPad: it’s better.

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Microsoft Product Manager Confirms Office Is Coming To Android & iOS In March 2013

Microsoft Product Manager Confirms Office Is Coming To Android & iOS In March 2013


There’s been plenty of debate over whether or not Microsoft will ever bring its Office productivity suite to Android and iOS devices. Many reports have claimed it will, while Microsoft itself has denied the rumors. But now product manager Petr Bobek has confirmed that it will happen next year.

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