Microsoft attacks MacBook in latest Surface Pro 4 ad


Does Surface Pro 4 have more to offer than MacBook?
Does Surface Pro 4 have more to offer than MacBook?
Photo: Microsoft

The iPad Pro has taken a ton of fire recently from Microsoft, but the company’s latest ad shifts targets to attack the MacBook.

The company busts out the old-school disses in the ad, which calls the MacBook “square” during an annoying song that brags about the Surface Pro 4’s detachable keyboard, pen and touchscreen. And it runs Windows!

Listen to Microsoft’s horrible jingle:

Microsoft Already Has a Multitouch Mouse That’s Compatible With OS X Lion



Can you not wait to start using the multi-touch gestures in OS X Lion? With Lion set to drop tomorrow morning, everyone is thinking about their Mac setup for Apple’s new desktop OS.

If you don’t favor Apple’s own Magic Mouse and yet don’t want to use a trackpad on a day-to-day basis, don’t worry, there’s a new mouse in town from Microsoft. And yes, we did say Microsoft.

Apple Ad Takes Aim at “Laptop Hunters”


This isn’t the first Apple ad out after Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunter” campaign, but this one responds directly to the ads where pseudo-everyday consumers shop around and pick PCs over Macs.

Here Megan stands between hip the Mac guy and a line of brown-suited PCs — like a dating game show? —   while she talks about her (computer) needs.

The PCs who don’t fit the bill file out but some are still lining up to win her affection until she says, “I just want something that works, without a lot of viruses or a ton of headaches.”

Leaving her alone with  Mac Man. Cute couple.

Is the promise of long-term stability with little drama enough to combat the price claim made by the Microsoft ads?

Via Silicon Valley Insider

Microsoft “Laptop Hunter” Ads Made on A Mac?


Microsoft’s controversial Laptop Hunter ads were probably conceived, pitched and perhaps created on  Macs, if these office snaps of the ad agency behind them are anything to go by. They show the desk of Alex Bogusky (with two Macs) at Crispin Porter + Bogusky plus the surrounding office space, also full of Macs.

I wouldn’t mind getting paid to sell PCs, as long as I didn’t have to work on them, too.

Via rixstep

Laptop Hunter Parody: Can I Keep the Cash Instead?



To answer Microsoft’s controversial “Laptop Hunter” series, Landline TV parodies the series by sending homeless Frank out to seek a computer. (NB: put your headphones on, some of the language/images are NSFW.)

He loves the Macs (“these are beautiful”), finds the PCs insulting and wants to take the cash instead of getting a PC. Doubt it would ever fly with Apple execs, but it’s a lot more convincing than the latest “Get a Mac” ads.

Via Newton Poetry