Save over 25% on the iPhone cable that’s wrapped in a full metal jacket [Deal]


Amateur hour is over — it’s time for an iPhone cable that means business. Avoid the fray, the tangles, the scuffed up grossness that is the stock iPhone cable after just a few weeks of regular use by stepping up to the Titan MFi-Certified Lightning Cable. It’s built to be tough, but with the Cult of Mac special price of $24.99 it’ll be gentle on your wallet.

Struggling Samsung wants to build its own Apple-style ecosystem



Unlike Apple, which is more comfortable (and lucrative) than ever with its business strategy, here in 2015 Samsung is having a bit of an identity crisis. Is it a freedom-fighting Internet of Things company making smart refrigerators and connected TVs? Is it a Xiaomi competitor, turning out cheaper smartphones than ever for the developing Indian market?

Like a deer in headlights, the company seems to be skittishly veering from one idea to the next, without any real understanding of what it needs to do to once again be competitive.

Of course, there is one idea that has worked for Samsung in the past, and with its mobile division falling on hard times, that strategy seems to be one the South Korean tech giant is more than happy to return to: copying Apple.

Apple’s giant iPhone 6 order causing delays for accessory makers


According to sources, third-party Lightning iPhone 6 accessories could be in short supply for the immediate future.

Excessive demand might mean that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus won’t make it into your hands until October in some cases — but users waiting for iPhone 6 accessories could be delayed even longer.

According to sources who spoke with Cult of Mac, many smaller, non-Apple companies are currently unable to get the necessary Lightning connectors and authentication chips needed to manufacture products because Apple has snapped up all the available inventory.

Many MFi part distributors won’t give any estimates on availability, which means both manufacturers and end users could be in for a wait before regular shipments of related iPhone and iPad accessories resume.