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Cram your entire life into this streamlined messenger bag

This thing fits a *lot* of stuff. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

This thing fits a lot of stuff. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

I’m all about minimalist bags; paring down my kit to the bare essentials so I’m not bogged down when traipsing from place to place is a daily goal of mine. I’ve gone minimal with my wallet, my MacBook and the various digital and analog ephemera I need to carry with me as I go about daily tasks for work and at home.

There is a time, however, when you need to have a larger subset of your general kit. You might need that extra battery pack (or two), your MacBook Pro, both your iPads, a couple of backup hard drives, an external keyboard, a gaming mouse, a PlayStation Vita, headphones and (of course) all the associated wires and plugins that these items require. Oh, and maybe a water bottle, a wallet, an iPhone and a set of keys.

That’s the exact stuff I’ve got packed into an STM Quantum Messenger bag — and it fits handily, with room to spare.

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Instead of a Laptop, This Messenger Bag Hides An Ice-Cold Beer Bonanza


Nothing screams “summer!” like a bag full of beer and ice. The messenger-bag gurus at Timbuk2 know this, and have re-clad and re-released their stealthy party-in-a-bag bag, the Dolores Chiller Messenger — this time in Pilsner Urquell’s signature green and white colors.

You may be asking “can’t I just dump all the stuff out of my own messenger bag and fill it with beer and ice?” Why no, you can’t. Your bag’s interior isn’t insulated; and more importantly, your bag doesn’t come with a handy bottle opener.

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Use Zazzle Instant To Put Your Own Pictures On iPad Sleeves, iPhone Cases, And More

Use Zazzle Instant To Put Your Own Pictures On iPad Sleeves, iPhone Cases, And More

They sent along a sample – this is quality stuff!

Zazzle Instant is an iOS app that lets you add your own pictures to a ton of different products, including Macbook and iPad sleeves, iPhone cases, messenger bags, playing cards, and a whole lot more.

The app has updated recently to include some great new features, like integration with your Facebook photos, easier adjustment to images, and new panoramic photos (in case you were wondering what to do with all those new iOS 6 panoramic photos). The folks at Zazzle promise to unleash new features on the app for the next few Saturdays, as well, so now is a great time to try it out.

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