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Don’t Expect Aftermarket CarPlay Systems In 2014, But Maybe Apple Will Sell You One In 2015?


CarPlay could be the best thing to happen to your automobile’s dashboard since GPS, but unless you’re buying a Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz or Volvo sometime soon, it’s been unclear when you could actually expect your vehicle to support Apple’s new automotive standard?

No time soon, alas. Two representatives of major aftermarket brands have shot down the notion that you can expect aftermarket CarPlay systems coming anytime soon that you can install in your old clunker… and definitely not in 2014.

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Here’s What CarPlay Looks Like In A Mercedes-Benz [Gallery]


Months of iOS in the Car leaks finally culminated this morning with Apple revealing its new CarPlay system. It’s not quite the name we were expecting, but automakers like Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes have already integrated Apple’s system into future cars.

Volvo showcased CarPlay in its new XC90 SUV this morning, but here’s what CarPlay will like like for those rolling in a Benz:

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In 1980, Apple Made A Porsche Into An Actual ‘iCar’


For the last two decades of his life, Steve Jobs was a Mercedes man, through and through. But in the 80s, Steve Jobs was a Porsche man. He gave one as an award to the salesman who sold the most Macs in the United States. And in 1980, Apple even sponsored a Porsche to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car endurance race.

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Hyundai’s Upcoming Vehicles Will Integrate Siri Eyes Free Technology [CES 2013]


Hyundai is set to showcase a number of new vehicles at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, and the company has announced that they’ll all include Siri Eyes Free technology. The feature allows iPhone owners to perform a whole host of tasks using the intelligent assistant — such as taking calls or creating Reminders — without taking their hands off the wheel.

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class To Integrate With iPhone 4S And Siri

Mercedes-Benz A-Class To Integrate With iPhone 4S And Siri

Continuing the trend of luxury cars integrating with luxury smartphones, Mercedes-Benz is set to unveil its new A-Class at the Geneva Motor Show next month. While it’s certainly not the German automaker’s most expensive option (priced at £16,045, or $21,453), the A-Class will be the first to let you use Siri from the comfort of your steering wheel.

The vehicle’s updated COMAND ‘infotainment’ system will revolve around the iPhone 4S and Siri. Wunderbar!

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Drool at This Custom Mercedes Outfitted With Tons of Apple Gear [Video]

Check out this 800-horsepower Mercedes S600 outfitted with a bunch of Apple gear. There’s Macs, iPads and iPhones galore. The car is a custom job by Brabus, the famous German aftermarket customizers.

Thanks Gustav.

Mercedes Joins the iPhone Party


Following on the heels of competitor BMW’s optional iPod dock, Steve Jobs’ preferred German automaker Mercedes Benz announced a custom cradle for the iPhone available as an option on nine classes of its vehicles. The interface will allow seamless integration between the iPhone’s music and telephone functions and the vehicle’s systems, Mercedes says.

Placed in the Mercedes’ onboard cradle, the iPhone’s music and phone functions can be controlled with the help of multifunction steering wheel controls, while the vehicle’s display indicates phone status, music functions, etc. The cradle features automatic recharging as well as increased reception with the help of the vehicle’s antenna.

More pics after the jump.

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