Apple makes a sick amount of money selling more storage for iPad Air 2


Photo: Appl
The iPad Air 2 is a great deal, but Apple mints money on storage. Photo: Apple

If there’s one thing Apple knows how to make, it’s money. Even so, the iPad Air 2 is one of the best value tablets Apple has ever made.

Even though it costs Apple roughly the same amount to make an iPad Air 2 as it did to make a first-gen iPad Air, Apple’s margins have actually gone down slightly on the superslim, A8X-powered tablet.

PNY StorEDGE, A Sawed-Off 128GB SD Card For Your MacBook’s SD Slot


Can you see it?
Can you see it?

Remember those adapters that let you permanently flush-mount a microSD card in your MacBook Air’s SD card slot, adding welcome (if slow) extra storage to your SSD portable? I certainly do: I mixed up the two main brands when I wrote a review and never heard the last of it.

Now you can skip that extra step, because PNY now makes a sawed-off SD card that does the same job – without an adapter.

Apps With ‘Memory’ In The Title Being Targeted By German Game Publisher



Memory. Not only do you have one, but you’ve probably played any number of card-flipping memory games in your life… possibly on the App Store, where there are over 50 of such games that promise to test the limits of your recollections.

Those games are now under attack, as Apple is sending notices to developers demanding that they remove the word “Memory” from their titles. It’s not Apple’s fault, though: rather, a German company is gunning for them, claiming it owns the trademark for the word in dozens of European, African and South American countries.

How The iPad Is Saving The Elderly From Dementia

"A new touch screen test for dementia."

While most of us use our iPads for browsing the web, watching YouTube videos, or playing Words With Friends, others actually put Apple’s popular tablet to good use. Cambridge Cognition, a U.K.-based company that delivers the world’s leading cognitive tests, has developed an app called CANTABmobile which helps doctors detect dementia in its earliest stages, when treatment is most beneficial.