Make putting your resume together a lot less painful with this app [Deals]

Resumonk makes it fast and easy to create beautiful, clear resumes so you can got on with looking for your next gig.
Resumonk makes it fast and easy to create beautiful, clear resumes so you can got on with looking for your next gig.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Possibly the worst part of the dreary task of job hunting is writing a resume. They’re about as fun to read as they are to write, so your’s has to be clear and eye-catching, something Resumonk Resume Creator makes easy. It’s a great way to cut a big part of the pain out of looking for a job, and right now you can get a lifetime subscription for $24.99

A Squad of Bad-Ass Backpacks to Keep Your iPad or MacBook Safe Through The Coming Mayan Apocalypse


Pelican's S140 Elite Tablet Backpack with its waterproof/crushproof/apocalypse-proof compartment

Pelican made a name for itself making tough cases for the military, firemen and other hazardous sorts who generally place their delicate gadgets in harm’s way. Now they’ve taken their extreme-environment case technology and built four new backpacks around it — two of which have crushproof/waterproof compartments.

Two Weeks With Apple’s Powerful & Ultra-portable 13-Inch MacBook Air [Review]



Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Air might look just like last years model, but don’t let that fool you the insides have been almost completely replaced. Powerful new processors and upgraded internal components make Apple’s powerful and ultra-portable notebook computer even better than last years model. I called it blazing fast last year, but this year I have to say it’s smoking fast. Its performance leaves some MacBook Pros in the dust.

I’ve spent two weeks with my new 13-inch MacBook Air putting it through all kinds of real world tests, using it daily for a variety of tasks like word processing, web surfing, image manipulation, and running various applications including Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and Mac OS X Lion virtualization.

I’d like to share with you what I experienced during the first 14 days I used this new 13-inch mid-2011 MacBook Air.

Is an SSD Size Upgrade From OWC a Good Idea for Your MBA? [Review]



When I first got my Macbook Air, I fell in love with its diminutive profile, speedy boot times and incredible portability, but after living with it for a few months, one thing became glaringly apparent – 128GB was simply not enough room. Having convinced myself it would be at the time or purchase – I have recently found myself umbilically attached to a 500GB USB hard drive for music and photos.

Now, 6 months in, I was faced with two choices – stick the current MBA on eBay and stump up the extra cash for a larger capacity Air – or invest in a 3rd party storage solution. The first option is just stupid, so an upgrade was on the cards.

Waterfield and Tom Bihn Offer Up New MacBook Air Cases


Tom Bihn's Cache MacBook Air sleeve
Tom Bihn's Cache MacBook Air sleeve

That was quick. An 11-inch sleeve for the MBA was announced from Tom Bihn yesterday, while Waterfield released a whole slew of cases tailored to both version of the MBA.

San Francisco-based Waterfield Designs offerings will ship at the end of this month and include the tough, ballistic nylon SleeveCase in both 11- and 13-inch sizes (at $37 and $39 respectively), which can be customized with add-on options; and the ultra-thin 11-inch ($25) and 13-inch ($29) Suede Jacket Sleeve. and will ship at the end of October. Tom Bihn has made an 11-inch, MBA-specific version of its Cache padded sleeve ($30), which will ship a little later than the Waterfields, in early November.