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California Driver Arrested For Using Maps On iPhone While Driving Exonerated

Going somewhere? Take Apple's Maps with you.

Many states have laws against using smartphones while driving, for talking and texting… but does that count for Apple Maps? A California appeals court has ruled no.

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How To See Where You Took Your Photos At On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]

photo map

One of the cool things that your iPhone can do is tag your photos with geolocations. That way, you’ll know where you took the photo in addition to having the photo.

With iOS 7, you can also see your photos on a map, which is all sorts of fun if you travel a bit and like to take vacation photos while you’re there.

It’s easy to enable and access, too, which is a good thing.

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Become A Top Developer With The Secrets To App Store Success In iOS 7 Course [Deals]


Just because you’ve built a great app doesn’t mean that they will come. It hasn’t been that way for years. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get into the top charts of the app store? What are the top apps doing that you aren’t? Is it luck?

Cult of Mac Deals has an offer on a course that will provide the answer: The Secrets to App Store Success in iOS 7 Course. And it’s available for 59% off for a limited time – just $99.

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Google Scrapped Android & Started Again The Day After Apple Unveiled iPhone


No matter how you feel about Apple and the iPhone, it’s impossible to deny that the device completely revolutionized the mobile industry when it was launched in 2007. Without it, the smartphones of today may have been completely different.

Take Android, for example. It’s the biggest competitor to the iOS operating system that powers the iPhone, and it’s now the world’s largest mobile platform — but the iPhone is the reason Android is what it is today. Google started work on the software way back in 2005, but it scrapped everything and started again the day after iPhone was revealed to the world.

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Get Live Traffic And Other Road Information In Maps In Mavericks [OS X Tips]

Traffic Info Maps Mavericks

Sure, you can open up Apple’s Maps app on your iPhone (or iPad, but really, who does that?) and enable live traffic information with a tap or two. It’s super helpful while you’re on the road, and helps you avoid the nasty traffic snarls that might be up ahead.

But what if you’re planning a trip from your Mac running Mavericks? Shouldn’t you be able to access that kind of data on your Mac?

Well, you can! Mavericks makes it super easy to enable, too.

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Quit Typing So Much – Use Contacts To Click Through To Addresses In Maps [OS X Tips]

Contacts To Maps

Sure, it’s pretty easy to type an address into the Maps built into Mavericks, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could just click your way to Map nirvana?

In the latest version of OS X, you can send your directions or Map locations right to your iPhone or iPad, so why not make things even easier and more streamlined? Just launch Contacts and you’ll see.

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How To Send Addresses From Mavericks’ Maps Into Your Contacts [OS X Tips]

Contacts from Maps app

It’s great to be able to keep track of addresses for friends and places around town in your Contacts app. Having all the address info in a ready Contact makes it super simple to launch Maps in Mavericks from the Contacts app when you want directions to a party in town somewhere.

And, while you can easily send directions from Maps app to your iPhone, it’s also helpful to just say to Siri, “Directions to Jill’s house,” or “Get me to the movie theater,” and have your iPhone just pull up maps based on that name in the Contacts app.

Mavericks makes it incredibly simple to put addresses for all the places you might want to go right into your Contacts app so you can do just that.

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Maps© Lets You Use Google Street View Without That Whole ‘Internet’ Thing

Maps© Maps© — Social Networking — Free

If you want to use Google’s Street View function without having to go into Apple’s occasionally dodgy Maps, you might want to check out Maps©. In addition to letting you look at people’s lawns like you’re there, you can also drop pins between two points to calculate distance (this gets less accurate the farther apart your points are), check traffic, and get directions. And if you want to see where your friends live (which is creepy, but I’m sure you might have innocent reasons), you can import their addresses from your contacts and drop pins there.

It does a bit of everything, really.


How To Fix Problems Sending Directions From Mavericks To iPhone [OS X Tips]

Send Directions to iPhone

I rely on the iPhone to get me around most places, even in my current hometown. I just really have a bad sense of direction. But ever since the advent of online maps and the GPS function of my iPhone, I’ve longed for the ability to quickly look up an address on my Mac, hit a button, and have the directions go to my iPhone.

That’s never been possible until now, with the advent of OS X Mavericks and the addition of the new Maps app to the Mac. Ideally, you’re supposed to be able to just launch Maps, get a set of directions, and then hit the little Share button to send those directions to your portable device.

I was super disappointed, then, when I went to send some directions to my iPhone from my Mac today and didn’t see my iPhone or iPad listed in the Share list.

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Was iOS 7 Designed In Microsoft Word? No, But It’s Certainly Possible [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 16.57.13

Did Jony Ive design iOS 7 in Microsoft Word to win a bet at the bar? Almost certainly not, but he could have. Every single one of the new iOS 7 icons — including the more intricate ones like Game Center, Maps, and Stocks — can be recreated almost perfectly in Word.

Vaclav Krejci demonstrates the whole process in the video below.

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