Which Of Apple’s Officially Recommended Third-Party Mapping Apps Is Best For You? [Round-Up]



Earlier this morning Tim Cook published an apology letter to all Apple fans for how horrible Apple Maps have been. Not only did he apologize, but he actually told users that they should try some alternatives while Apple fixes their mapping fiasco.

It’s great that Apple is taking responsibility for their shoddy work, but now that they’ve kicked Google Maps out of iOS 6, what are the best alternative? We took a quick look at the alternative map apps that Tim suggested, to find out which one you should use if you plan to ditch Apple Maps for a while. Here’s what we found out.

Tim Cook: Apple Is ‘Extremely Sorry For The Frustration’ iOS 6 Maps Has Caused Users


It could be some time before you can rely on Apple's new Maps app.
Cook: You can alternative maps from Bing, Google, and Nokia.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has today issued a letter to customers regarding the issues they have been experiencing with Maps in iOS 6. Cook says Apple is “extremely sorry for the frustration” the new service has caused to its customers, and he insists the company will continue to work incredibly hard until Maps is fixed. Cook even suggests a number of alternative services users can try in the meantime.

The full letter is below.