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The Digital Artist Bundle: A Complete Toolkit For Bringing Your Digital Canvas to Life [Deals]


If you’re a budding artist who wants to take on the digital world in a big way, then the latest offer from Cult of Mac Deals is for you.

The Astounding Artist Bundle consists of five killer apps that you can add to your artist’s toolkit that will help you take your digitial creations to a whole new level. And the price is astoundingly inexpensive – just $69! That’s right. You’ll save 75% on this complete beginner’s toolset through this limited time offer.

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Check Out The First Pages Of The Steve Jobs Manga Here! [Gallery]


A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Steve Jobs was about to become a manga star, thanks to a new project by Mari Yamazaki (the author of, apparently, a “time travel public bath manga” called Thermae Romae) based upon Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs.

Now a preview of the first chapter of the bio has hit the web, seemingly focusing on the initial meetng between Jobs and Isaacson.

We’ve got the first pages after the jump. If you want to read the whole thing, the first chapter will be published in full in Japan in the April issue of Kiss.

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Steve Jobs To Join Sailor Moon, Astro Boy & Akira As Japanese Manga Star


Heads up. Steve Jobs will be the subject of a new Japanese manga series by artist Mari Yamazaki of Thermae Romae manga fame.

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Manga Camera Is The Coolest Free Camera App We’ve Seen For Ages [Review]

Manga Camera Is The Coolest Free Camera App We’ve Seen For Ages [Review]

Fun and free: get it now

There’s not a lot I need say about today’s Best Thing Ever, so I’ll keep it brief.

Manga Camera does exactly what its name suggests, and it’s no surprise that it’s a sudden huge hit on the iOS App Store.

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