Card Now Fakes Printing Your Real Business Card – You Know, For Laughs [Review]


Turn your iPhone into a printer
Turn your iPhone into a printer

I didn’t expect Card Now to actually make me laugh, but it did. The idea of a business card-conjuring trick app made me shiver with horror – why would I inflict such a thing on other people?

But the reality, when I tried it out, was hilarious. When I “magically” pulled a freshly-printed business card off of my phone’s screen and into the real world, people’s reactions were delightful. I ended up laughing out loud.

Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Now On iPad For Free


Magic finally comes to the iPad, and it looks great.
Magic finally comes to the iPad, and it looks great.

Some of you may already be familiar with Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, not just because it has the longest name the App Store has ever seen, but also because it was one of the most impressive iPad titles that was shown off at E3 earlier this month.

It’s now available to download — completely free — and it looks incredible on the new iPad’s Retina display. Whether or not you’re a fan of the Magic franchise, this is certainly a title you should check out.

MIT Video Tech Could Turn iPhones Into Real Life Tricorders

Imagine that you could just point your iPhone’s camera at your baby and it would immediately tell you his vital signs: heartbeat and so on. Or that you could fire up an app and it could pick out tiny, invisible movements from what looks like a still video. Using a process called Eulerian Video Magnification, boffins at MIT are doing this already.

Show Your iPhone Photos On Any Screen In The World With Scalado PhotoBeam


Finally, a non-sucky use for QR codes

One of the hallmarks of great Apple software is that it makes you smile like a kid when it does something unexpected and undeniably cool. The first time you pinch-to-zoom, for example, or when you swipe over a picture in iPhoto for iOS and it automatically applies a correction depending on what’s under your finger.

The other hallmark of Apple’s apps is that they look great.

Scalado’s PhotoBeamer manages the first of these things, appearing to work as if by magic. On the second, though, it fails somewhat.