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Finsix Is The Only Laptop Charger You’d Carry In Your Pocket [CES 2014]

(Credit: Time)

(Credit: Time)

CES 2014 bug

From multimedia robots to genuinely stylish smartwatches, there’s a lot of tech at CES that falls into the “would like to have” category. There’s relatively little, however, that classifies as a genuine “must have.”

That may have changed with the appearance of the Finsix laptop charger, which used a high frequency switching technology developed at MIT to impressively shrink the size of a standard laptop charger to something that could charge your iPhone.

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Chug Plug Gives Your MacBook Extra Hours Of Power [CES 2014]

CES 2014 bug LAS VEGAS — We got a chance to hang out a bit with Daniella Hernandez at the Lenmar booth at CES in Vegas, learning more about the innovative Chug Plug, a 65W external power pack that you can use to extend the portable staying power of your MacBook.

The first-of-its-kind Chug Plug integrates into your already existing power plug set up, with your power brick attaching to the right side of the Chug Plug to both charge the external battery pack as well as use your MacBook at the same time.

When you need to leave that comfy seat near the wall plugs at the coffee shop, the Chug Plug then provides an extra two to three hours of portable power so you can continue your work or play away from the tether.

Chug Plug is available now for $159.99 at online retailers.

Cordlupa Solves Your Cable-Tangling Problems In A Cinch [CES 2014]


Cult _of_Mac_CES_2014_80x80LAS VEGAS — Plenty of companies have come up with cable-tidying solutions for MacBooks but few let you tame the beast as easily as this miniaturized belt for your power adapter, the Cordlupa.

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Rickshaw Commuter 2.1 Bag Is As Well Designed As Apple Gear You’ll Put Inside [Review]

commuter review_001

Commuter 2.1 byRickshaw
Category: Bags
Works With: iPad, MacBook
Price: $180 as tested

I’m a huge fan of Rickshaw’s bags. Pretty much everyone in the Rickshaw office cycles to work, and it shows in the design of the bags. They’re well made, practical and light, but still full of clever design details. The Commuter 2.1 is no exception, somehow managing to offer a huge collection of pickets and cubbyholes, and yet remaining light enough to be more comfy on the shoulder than many more simple messenger bags.

Want to know more? Read on:

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In 2013, Share Of U.S. Mac & iPad Sales Go Down, Chromebook & Android Sales Go Up


There’s good news and bad news for Apple. The good news is that the Cupertino-based company sells more tablets in America than anyone. The bad news is that Apple is selling less iPads proportionate to the total share of tablet sales than a year ago… and Mac sales are also going down.

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Bamboo AirDesk Turns Your Couch Into A Super-Comfy Office [Review]


Mobile AirDesk by Slate
Category: Portable laptop desk
Works With: MacBook, iPad mini, iPhone
Price: $129.99

Bamboo AirDesk Turns Your Couch Into A Super-Comfy Office [Review]Back when the Mobile AirDesk was just a Kickstarter gleam in the eye of design entrepreneur Nathan Mummert, Cult of Mac featured this project as one we were keeping our eyes on.

Since then, the concept has been funded 5x over by eager future-owners — raising $110,000 in just 15 days — and gone into full scale production.

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Style Up Your Favorite Tech Gadgets With Slickwraps [Deals]


Tired of the way your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other tech gadgets are looking these days? Now you can change it up with a stylish skin from Slickwraps.

Slickwraps makes amazing skins for these big name brands and more! They literally make hundreds of sweet skins for just about every tech gadget out there including your iPhone and/or Android phone. This Cult of Mac Deals offer will get you $40 Slickwraps credit for only $20 – credit you can apply to any product (or products) they have for sale on their website. This deal gives you the freedom to shop around and get exactly what you want.

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Apple Should Give Away This Beautifully Designed Lapdesk With Every MacBook


How would you like that to be yours? No, not the MacBook. Or the iPhone. Or the sofa. Or… Okay, we’re talking about that chopping board-looking object with the holes drilled in it.

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Here’s A Much Better Way To Store And Transport Your Macbook Power Cord [OS X Tips]

Macbook Power Supply

Ok, sure, this is more of a tip for those with a Macbook Pro or Air, or any other Apple laptop in the last few years with the fantastic tiny power brick design to it.

I know that I’ve struggled for years on the best way to tuck the two pieces of the power cable away. I’ve generally settled on wrapping the thin part of the cord around the included flip-out handles and then wrapping the larger cord around my hand. Sometimes I separate the two cables and do the same thing, so they fit better in a flatter bag or backpack.

This new tip, though, from Twitter user J Cornelius, just plain astonished me when I saw it. Why didn’t I think of that?

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Apple Is Defying Laptop Price War, Deutsche Bank Says


As per Steve Jobs’ much referenced “reality distortion field”, Apple seemingly isn’t subject to many of the rules which govern other companies.

As a tablet-fueled holiday price war is breaking out among laptops, Deutsche Bank has noted that Apple is staying out of it entirely — and the strategy seems to be paying off.

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