Thanks to iOS 8, 1Password will become just as good as the Mac app


On the Mac, 1Password is a perfect Swiss Army Knife of tools for the forgetful and lazy, guaranteeing that they never have type in a password, address field, or credit card number into an online form ever again.

But on iOS, 1Password has been a more convoluted thing. Lacking deep integration with other apps, 1Password for iOS has never been as good as it’s Mac counterpart. But with iOS 8, that’s about to change, thanks to a 1Password app extension that any third-party app can use.

Dropzone 3, the best way to drag-n-drop on your Mac, just got even better


AirDrop, the wireless file sharing technology built into OS X, is fantastic when it works for the occasional file, but it can be a bit finicky.

For power users who constantly find themselves sharing files online, we recommend Dropzone, a great little Mac App that can significantly boost the ease with which you share files between computers, and drag-and-drop files in general.

Now, Dropzone has gotten even better. With Dropzone 3, the app gains a new Drop Bar for temporarily storing files, AirDrop support, as well as integration with Imgur.

Track All Your Stuff On Your Mac Using Your iPhone With Home Inventory


Sure, it's boring, but way better than not knowing what you have when you need to.
Sure, it's boring, but way better than not knowing what you have when you need to.

Yep, you heard it right. Home Inventory is the boringly-named Mac app that will let you create and manage an inventory of the items in your home, using your iOS device as a photo input device. Sounds cool, right? Well, ok, but it at least sounds interesting, yeah?

Keeping track of your stuff is pretty useful, especially if you have to fill out an insurance claim or police report in case of theft. Home Inventory will keep all of it in a database, easily accessible from your Mac or iOS device via a free standalone app, the equally cleverly named Home Inventory Mobile Backup.