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Apple Pulls Embarassing Mac Guy Ads From Olympic Broadcasts

Apple Pulls Embarassing Mac Guy Ads From Olympic Broadcasts

A day after we started our campaign to turn him into an Internet meme, it seems like Apple is starting to be embarassed about their new Mac Guy ads. They’ve stopped airing the series of ads during Olympic television broadcasts.

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We Talk iPhone 5s In September And Dell-Inspired Mac Ads On Our Newest CultCast

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A new iPhone cometh, my friends, and sooner than you think! Find out all we know about Apple’s rumored September 12th media event on our newest CultCast, and what special goodies they will be revealing unto the world that fine, fine day.

Then — it’s been the talk of the Applesphere — those controversial new Mac ads the big A unleashed during the olympic games. Love’em or hate ‘em, we’ll tell you why we’ve been less than thrilled, and so will our special guest, former Apple ad guy and long time Jobs’ collaborator, Ken Segall.

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Show notes ahead!

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Mac Ads Respond to Microsoft’s Campaign?

The “Get a Mac” campaign has four new ads, the first out after the launch of Microsoft’s controversial “Laptop Hunter” series.

The four reasons you should get a Mac over a PC?

Fewer viruses (the PC has to wear a hazmat suit), facial recognition for iPhoto, stability (no freezing, crashing, error messages) and low maintenance (stability doesn’t depend on security patches, virus scans etc.)

Hmmm. The ads are cute, especially the future one, but I’m not sure if I were really weighing a Mac vs. PC any of these things would convince me to go Mac.

What do you think?

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