Tweetie And Letterpress Creator Loren Brichter Helping Design Team At Facebook



Loren Brichter is somewhat of a rockstar in the iOS app developer community. The Wall Street Journal has called him the “High Priest of App Design.” If you don’t know Brichter by name, you know him by his work: Tweetie and Letterpress.

Twitter bought Tweetie and turned it into the official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad. Letterpress is a hit word game Brichter created after he left Twitter. He also worked with a small team at Apple on the first iPhone back in 2006 and 2007. Now he’s helping out at Facebook.

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Loren Brichter is a legend amongst iOS developers. The 28 year old developer is the creator of Tweetie, which eventually became the official Twitter app. He’s the guy behind fan favorite word game Letterpress. He’s the creator of ‘Pull To Refresh’, cell swipe and slide-out panels that have become synonymous features in mobile app development. Yet few people who aren’t app and design junkies even know who he is.

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The guy behind the first great Twitter app is trying his hand at gaming.
The guy behind the first great Twitter app is trying his hand at gaming.

You may know Loren Brichter for the app that made him a rockstar in the iOS development community, Tweetie. Brichter was so successful with Tweetie that Twitter ended up hiring him to make Tweetie the official Twitter client for iOS and the Mac. Twitter for Mac has since fallen by the wayside, but Twitter for iPhone and iPad both live on as a testament to Brichter’s legacy.

After spearheading the initial development of Twitter’s official clients for iOS and OS X, Brichter left the social network to do his own thing again. For the past several months he’s been working on Letterpress, a new iPhone and iPad game that’s now available in the App Store.

Tweetie Maker Working On New iOS Game, Will Be Released Soon In The App Store


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You may not know Loren Brichter by name, but you know what he has made. After leaving Apple, Brichter originally became famous for Tweetie, an innovative Twitter client for the iPhone. Tweetie was such a success on both iOS and OS X that Twitter ended up hiring Brichter and making Tweetie its own official app. After leading the development for Twitter for iPhone, iPad and Mac, Brichter left Twitter last year. He’s been keeping himself out of the spotlight, but now it looks like he’s coming back into the iOS scene with a new game.

Brichter’s company, atebits, hit the 2.0 stage today. Expect the new game to go live in the App Store any moment now.