Leaked iPhone 7 logic board reveals tiny chip changes


Future iPhone processors may be made by Intel.
The inside of the next iPhone may have been exposed.
Photo: Apple

A slew of leaked iPhone 7 casings have already given us a good idea of what Apple’s new device will look like on the inside, but we now have a better idea what it will pack on the inside, too, thanks to some photos out of Asia.

The leaked pictures claim to show a bare iPhone 7 logic board, revealing what the layout will look like before any chips have been placed on the board.

Take a look:

New MacBook logic board is only twice the size of iPhone 6’s


Apple has made compromises, too.
The guts of the new MacBook. Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

Apple’s design team went to extreme lengths when redesigning the new MacBook to be more portable than ever. The most drastic move was to toss out the fan and extra ports for a super-tiny logic board.

The new MacBook logic board is two-thirds smaller than any board Apple’s designed before. It’s the highest-density Mac logic board yet, but really, it’s more like a super-iPhone or iPad logic board. Put side by side with the iPhone 6 logic board, the new MacBook logic board is barely twice its size.

This comparison image might shock you:

Purported iPhone 5S Rear Shell Hints At A Number Of Internal Changes



We expect the upcoming iPhone 5S to look a lot like the iPhone 5, so its biggest changes will all be internal. We’re likely to see a faster processor and better graphics, an improved camera, and if we’re really lucky, a fingerprint scanner. This purported iPhone 5S rear shell shows the changes Apple has made to the handset’s design to accommodate the new components.