How to find Instagram photos of beautiful, nearby locations


Check out other beautiful photos taken near you.
Check out other beautiful photos taken near you.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Instagram’s location data can be a privacy nightmare but it also allows you to check out what other folks are taking photos of nearby.

If you’re on vacation and want to see some stunning photography in the same place as you, it’s just a click away.

Here’s how to find Instagram photos of nearby beautiful locations, to inspire you on your own journey.

Checkmark Update Brings Repeat Reminders And Super-Cool Map Integration



Checkmark, the supper-slick location-aware reminders app for the iPhone, has gotten a feature bump in its newest update that almost (almost!) makes it a new app.

And if you don’t already have Checkmark, then shame on you — the $2 app not only makes location-based reminders on your iPhone way easier and way better than the built in reminders, but it also works on your iPad.

Instapaper Update Brings Automatic, Location-Based Downloads

Instapaper will now fetch your news when you arrive at, home, work, anywhere.
Instapaper will now fetch your news when you arrive at, home, work, anywhere.

Instapaper just got yet another update (developer Marco Arment seems to be on roll these last couple of months) and it brings a very neat new feature – when you arrive at any chosen location, Instapaper will automatically update your articles in the background. This should mean that never again will you be without your latest saved articles when you rush of to catch a bus.

Stop Apps From Tracking You Without Your Knowledge Using Foursquare And Facebook [How-To]

Cult of Mac interviews Girls Around Me developer i-Free about the controversy surrounding their app.
Creepy stalking apps aren't going anywhere, but you can cut off their sources

Thanks to a great article by our own John Brownlee, we now know how easy it is for apps and people to stalk you using location-sharing services like FourSquare and Facebook. And now the more paranoid among you might be wondering, just how do I turn these things off?

Theoretically, you would have already checked the privacy settings when you signed up. But that’s like reading the manual before you switch on a new gadget: Almost nobody ever does it. So here’s a quick guide to locking down FourSquare, and a rather more involved guide to shutting down Facebook.