Use Text Edit As A Quick Outlining Tool [OS X Tips]


TextEdit Outlines

I use TextEdit all the time to jot down notes, phone numbers, and any time I need to just get some info down super quick.

I forget, sometimes, that it’s a fairly robust text editor (hence the name, I suppose), and there are a lot of great features to be had.

If you need to make a quick outline, TextEdit can be pretty helpful. Though it’s not as extensive as an outlining feature in something, say, like Word or Pages, it can be useful. It’s also extremely easy to use.

Customize The Way Stacks Look And Behave In The Dock [OS X Tips]

Stack Dock Customize

If you’re using Stacks in the Dock, either the built-in ones for Documents and such, or your own, like the Recent Items Stack, you might want to customize the way the Stack looks and behaves.

In Mac OS X Mountain Lion, at least, and very likely earlier versions of OS X, you can have your Stacks appear as a grid, a list, or a fan. You can also have OS X choose the best view for you, depending on how many items are in the Stack.

Here’s the quick way to change the view of any Stack in your OS X Dock.

Almost Every iOS Text Editor Compared

No, it's too small to read here. Don't even try it
No, it's too small to read here. Don't even try it

There are more iOS text editors in the App Store than there are stupid giant-screen iPhone rumors “sourced” by Digitimes. And this makes it impossible to choose. Does Elements support iCloud? Does Readdle Docs play nice with TextExpander? And have you ever even heard of FastEver XL? The answer to all these questions, plus many you didn’t even think to ask, are in Brett Terpstra’s exhaustive, crowd-sourced iOS Text Editor roundup.

Apple is in Front of Google and Behind Amazon in Forbes List of Most Innovative Companies [Report]


"Twilight in the Big Apple" •

Forbes has put together its list of the world’s most innovate companies, and the results are fairly shocking. Apple places fifth on the list, with Amazon sitting comfortably ahead at the number two spot. Google ranked a very surprising seventh place, with the number one spot going to

The question on everyone’s mind: How do you determine “innovation?”