Bring Forstall’s Linens Back To iOS 7 With These 8 Wallpapers


It's about time.
It's about time.

Jony Ive’s new vision for iOS 7 is simple and parallax’d and all that, but it’s also completely devoid of the linen backgrounds Scott Forstall championed in earlier versions of iOS and OS X.

The loss of Forstall’s linens is one of the best improvements to iOS, but if you find yourself craving some fabric inspired backgrounds again, here are 8 linen wallpapers to bring Forstall’s linens back to iOS 7:

Pad&Quill’s New 11-Inch Cartella Case Brings Linen BackTo The Macbook Air


As fantastically well-made as they are, I only use a Pad&Quill case permanently on one of my devices: the Kindle Paperwhite. For my iPads, I prefer something less bulky. If I used an 11-inch MacBook Air, though, I’d be all over the brand new Cartella Linen, a beautiful case which seems much more in keeping with the larger proportions of a notebook computer.

Linen-Look iPad Case Also Holds Paper, Pen And Stylus


I quite like the dark linen texture that sits behind the elements of the iOS (and recently OS X) interface, but I’m pretty sure that Jony Ive’s upcoming Great Purge will consign it to the same tomb as brushed aluminum – after all, this is a designer so minimalist that he even removed a superfluous “n” from his own name.

So this wraparound case from Plus Motif might be my last chance at linen.