Upload videos for easy sharing with RealPlayer Cloud



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Do you have videos on your phone that you want to share with friends? Memories you’ve been meaning to transfer to your computer for safekeeping? Or maybe you’d just like a little more free space on your device.

With RealPlayer Cloud‘s newly launched app for Mac, you can store and transfer your videos across all your devices via the cloud. All you have to do is open the app and let it find your videos, then choose to upload some or all of them.

Time your Mac life according to the Zen masters with Zen Clock [Sponsored post]



This post is brought to you by Alamex Ltd, creator of Zen Clock.

Are you busy on your Mac all the time? Does that little clock in the top right hand corner of your screen govern your life, at least during the week?

Maybe it’s time to switch to Zen Clock.

The Zen Clock turns your desktop to a color that constantly changes through the whole spectrum throughout a 24-hour period.

Take life a little slower and bring some Zen onto your Mac as you learn to tell the time of day in the way nature intended.

Break Up Your Long Working Day With Stretch (Mac App) [Sponsored Post]



This post is brought to you by SquidMelon, creator of Stretch.

Most of us who work on a computer sit still for up to eight hours a day AND spend half our evenings on the Mac at home. That’s a lot of sitting around doing nothing physical. Stretch by Korean creative developer SquidMelon is a new app that knows when to remind you to take a break and shows you what stretches you should do. Watch the video here….