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Smart Fujifilm Adapter Mounts Leica Lenses On X-Pro Bodies


This little slip of a thing will put the world's best lenses on your Fujifilm X-Pro 1

Apologies in advance for yet another camera adapter post, but this one — as you’ll see — is a biggie: The Fujifilm M-Mount adapter. But first, a short bit of history.

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$50,000 Leica Special Edition M9-P


This expensive bauble is destined never to be used

Leica seems to be on a roll, at least when it comes to making up crazier and crazier prices for its cameras. And nothing screams “overpriced” more than a special edition. Well, nothing except a special edition with “Hermes” in its name.

OK. There is one thing more expensive, a special edition Leica, with “Hermes” in its name, and with the whole thing written in French. Behold: the “Leica M9-P ‘Edition Herm├Ęs Jean-Louis Dumas’,” a camera that costs just $50,000.

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Leica X2, The $2,000 Fixed-Lens Compact

Leica X2 Silver front integrated flash

The X2 appears adequate

Is today’s new $8,000 M Monochrome a little too rich for you? Then why not have a taste of Leica’s other new camera, the cheap-o ($2,000) X2?

The X2 is a fixed-lens camera with a 16.2MP APS-C-sized sensor — the same size found in most DSLRs. The lens is a 28mm, which works out to 36mm in old money, and the ISO goes up to 12,500.

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Leica’s New M Monochrome, The $8,000 Colorblind Camera


Oh sweet baby Jesus I want his camera

Leica’s new rangefinder camera, the M Monochrome, is colorblind. That is, it will only shoot black and white images. What’s that you say? You can totally shoot color images with any camera you like and turn them into awesome B&W photos later? That’s true, but there are some advantages to doing things Leica’s way.

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Pentax Q Lens Adapters Add Crazy 5.5x Crop Factor

Pentax Q Lens Adapters Add Crazy 5.5x Crop Factor

For just $300, you can render your Leica and Nikon lenses almost useless

Pentax’ tiny mirrorless camera, the Q (full review coming next week), is an odd beast. Like Nikon’s 1 series cameras, it has interchangeable lenses which are inexplicably paired with a point-and-shoot-sized sensor (0.43 -inches on the diagonal). And now, with some new lens adapters, you can make it a little bit odder.

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