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Jony Ive To Design Limited-Edition Leica

Jony Ive To Design Limited-Edition Leica

What will Jony Ive’s Leica look like?

It reads like some kind of fanboy fantasy: Jony Ive To Design Leica Camera. Only this fantasy is totally non-fantastic. Ive is set to design an ultra-limited edition of one single Leica, and it will be auctioned off by Bono (who else?) for charity.

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Lovely Lego Leica Look-a-Like


If this took photos, I would buy it.

There’s making things out of Lego, and then there’s making things out of Lego. And H.Y. Leung’s amazing white Leica M8 is firmly in the latter camp. His replica rangefinder might just be the best Lego fake we’ve ever seen (outside of anything to do with Star Wars, of course).

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Smart Fujifilm Adapter Mounts Leica Lenses On X-Pro Bodies


This little slip of a thing will put the world's best lenses on your Fujifilm X-Pro 1

Apologies in advance for yet another camera adapter post, but this one — as you’ll see — is a biggie: The Fujifilm M-Mount adapter. But first, a short bit of history.

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$50,000 Leica Special Edition M9-P


This expensive bauble is destined never to be used

Leica seems to be on a roll, at least when it comes to making up crazier and crazier prices for its cameras. And nothing screams “overpriced” more than a special edition. Well, nothing except a special edition with “Hermes” in its name.

OK. There is one thing more expensive, a special edition Leica, with “Hermes” in its name, and with the whole thing written in French. Behold: the “Leica M9-P ‘Edition Herm├Ęs Jean-Louis Dumas’,” a camera that costs just $50,000.

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Leica X2, The $2,000 Fixed-Lens Compact

Leica X2 Silver front integrated flash

The X2 appears adequate

Is today’s new $8,000 M Monochrome a little too rich for you? Then why not have a taste of Leica’s other new camera, the cheap-o ($2,000) X2?

The X2 is a fixed-lens camera with a 16.2MP APS-C-sized sensor — the same size found in most DSLRs. The lens is a 28mm, which works out to 36mm in old money, and the ISO goes up to 12,500.

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Leica’s New M Monochrome, The $8,000 Colorblind Camera


Oh sweet baby Jesus I want his camera

Leica’s new rangefinder camera, the M Monochrome, is colorblind. That is, it will only shoot black and white images. What’s that you say? You can totally shoot color images with any camera you like and turn them into awesome B&W photos later? That’s true, but there are some advantages to doing things Leica’s way.

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Pentax Q Lens Adapters Add Crazy 5.5x Crop Factor

Pentax Q Lens Adapters Add Crazy 5.5x Crop Factor

For just $300, you can render your Leica and Nikon lenses almost useless

Pentax’ tiny mirrorless camera, the Q (full review coming next week), is an odd beast. Like Nikon’s 1 series cameras, it has interchangeable lenses which are inexplicably paired with a point-and-shoot-sized sensor (0.43 -inches on the diagonal). And now, with some new lens adapters, you can make it a little bit odder.

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