Awesome iOS game will make an even awesomer Lego set


This superfan would like to see Monument Valley in the real world.
This superfan would like to see Monument Valley in the real world.
Photo: Isometry/Lego Ideas

A Monument Valley fan has taken to the Lego Ideas website with plans to create real-life Lego models out of the award winning iOS game.

Lego Ideas user Isometry has created a page that you can log in and vote for if you want to support the project; it costs nothing but your time to do so.

And why wouldn’t you? This is a fantastic way to bring one of the best iOS games into the real world.

Custom Lego figures pay tribute to Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs custom Lego figures
We aren't sure the world could handle two Steve Jobses.
Photo: FamousBrick

A two-pack of custom Lego figures has made late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs into Elvis Presley.

Not appearance-wise, we mean. That would be super weird. But the new set, which comes courtesy of custom-Lego company FamousBrick, pays tribute to Jobs by showcasing both young and old versions of the tech legend.

Lego will pay you to build models for new Michigan store


If you're good with this child's play, you could get some adult pay.
If you're good with this child's play, you could get some adult pay.
Photo: Lego

Maybe you played with Lego bricks as a kid and moved into adulthood building with computer graphics, steal and concrete. Lego always promised it could inspire future builders.

Now the toymaker loved around the world is looking for someone who still likes to hit the bricks. Lego is looking for a master model builder for a new Legoland Discovery Center in Michigan and is holding a two-day tryout next month to find the perfect candidate.

Custom Lego minifigs put Jobs, Woz, and Cook on your desk


Apple custom Lego minis
If you really wanted, you could stage your own Apple keynote address in Lego form.
Photo: FamousBrick

A company that specializes in making Lego-ized versions of tech-world giants is offering minifigures based on Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, current CEO Tim Cook, and some people who work for other companies, if you want to be all diverse about it.

The figures won’t even set you back that much, really. Depending on how much you value plastic that looks like people.

Everything is awesome about these homemade Apple Watch stands

Apple Watch stand
Emmett just looks so happy to be involved in this cool Apple Watch stand.
Photo: aj305 (via Imgur)

Now that you’ve dropped a few hundred bucks on your shiny new Apple Watch, you may be tempted to give it someplace to live while you charge it. But you don’t have to shell out even more cash to provide your new gadget with a resting place. Odds are you even have the stuff you need laying around your house right now.

Here are a few cool, creative, and cheap ways Apple Watch owners have found to prop up their preciouses.