T-Mobile Will Eat Your Termination Fees If You Switch To ‘Un-Carrier’ [Report]



T-Mobile is planning a big announcement at CES in Las Vegas later on today, but thanks to a leaked ad that’s been making its way around the web this morning, we already know what it has up its sleeve. As part of its Un-carrier 4.0 scheme, T-Mobile will pay your whole family’s early termination fees if they switch carriers and trade in their old smartphone.

BlackBerry: Don’t Expect To See BBM For Android & iOS This Week



BBM’s cross-platform launch failed miserably this weekend. The app made its way to the iPhone in a small few countries, but the rollout was halted before it could reach the United States — or Google Play.

BlackBerry’s excuse for the catastrophic failure was that a leaked BBM APK for Android was causing some server troubles, and now the Canadian company has told fans that it will “take some time” to fix the problem, and that we should not expect to see the app this week.

This Could Be The First Leaked Component From The iPad Mini



If the iPad mini is really coming later this year, then why haven’t we seen a bunch of leaked parts for it? Daring Fireball’s John Gruber speculated that it was because the iPhone 5 was further along in production than the iPad mini, but now the guys at nowherelese.fr have come forward with a pretty convincing argument that this dock connector component is for the iPad mini: it’s way too big to be for the iPhone 5. Even Kyle Wiens of iFixIt says it appears to be a legitimate Apple part.

Curiously, though, it appears to have 10 pins, not the 9 pins seen on iPhone 5 dock connectors. However, we’re judging that from the inside of the dock connector cable, not from the actual plug. What does it mean?

Source: Nowherelese.fr

Count Again: The iPhone 5’s 8-Pin Dock Connector Really Has 9-Pins


That 8-pin dock connector is really a 9-pin one upon closer inspection.
That 8-pin dock connector is really a 9-pin one upon closer inspection.

Will the next iPhone have an 8 pin or 9 pin dock connector? The iOS 6 beta says 9, but if you count the pins on the leaked dock components, there are only 8. Which is correct? Both: according to a new report, the new dock connector’s aluminum shell teams up with the 8 gold pins to make a ninth pin, resulting in 60% less real estate than the existing 30-pin connector, and better transfer rates with a fraction of the electrical contacts.