Add ‘laser beam’ to your iPhone’s long list of functions [Deals]

iPin's laser pointer fits right in your iPhone's headphone jack.
iPin's laser pointer fits right in your iPhone's headphone jack.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whether for presentations or driving your cat up the wall, laser pointers are as fun as they are useful. Given everything else an iPhone can do, it only makes sense that it also be able to shine a focused beam of light when and where you need one. The iPin Laser Pointer fits neatly inside your iPhone’s headphone jack, turning it into a red laser pointer. Batteries aren’t an issue, since the iPin sips power straight from the phone, and a built-in switch that means you can leave it in the jack when not in use. iPin also comes with a slideshow-controlling app, which together with the laser make this a great option for anyone who gives regular presentations.

The iPin Laser Pointer is a great upgrade for anyone, and right now you can get one for $42.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

iPin Lazer Presenter: The Laser Pointer For Your iPhone [Deals]


The perfect presentation is something that has eluded professionals all over the world. Fumbling around with different technology trying to give your presentation that special edge is annoying and can fail miserably. This Cult of Mac Deals offer puts professional presentations at your fingertips.

The iPin Lazer is powered by your smartphone and engineered to fit right inside the earphone jack. iPin allows users to be presentation-ready anytime and anywhere. And Cult of Mac Deals has this little device available for just $46.99…but only for a limited time.

8 iPhone Accessories We Wish Were Real



There are plenty of accessories for the iPhone that can enhance our experience with the device, such as the huge variety of musical docking stations, fancy protective cases with built-in bluetooth keyboards, in-car chargers, stylus pens, the new Square credit card reader, and even guitar connection kits.

But what about the accessories that are yet to be invented? Here’s a list of 8 accessories that we wish were real, including an electric shaver attachment, a laser pointer and smudge-proof screen spray:

TV Tuner

There might be applications in the App Store that allow you to catch up with your favorite TV shows, such as Netflix and Hulu, but there aren’t many ways to watch live TV on our iPhones. The iPhone TV Tuner (pictured above) would allow us to do just that, with no data connection required.