MacBook Charger Pouch Offers ‘Effortless Style for the Untamed Spirit’



What would a weekday be without an as-yet-unavailable Kickstarter project? It would be a day without hope, without longing for the future, and without… effortless style for the untamed spirit.

Yes, “Effortless Style for the Untamed Spirit” is indeed the slogan being used to pitch an organizer for your MacBook charger. Seriously.

The Socialmatic Instagram Concept Camera Just Got Real, And Will Be Made By Polaroid



Remember the Socialmatic concept camera? It was an Instagram icon made flesh, and it worked just like a Polaroid, spitting out a printed version of your filtered and light-leaked image.

Now, after extensive boardroom wrangling no doubt, the camera will actually become a real shipping product, and it’ll carry the Polaroid brand.

IRIScan ‘Mobile’ Scanner Scans Like It’s 1995

This is a thing you can actually buy. Really.


If there was ever a company mired in Microsoftian corporate nonsense, it’s IRIS, the scanning and OCR company. Clunky, ugly and ridiculously overpriced software combined with hideous hardware, and a lame bird-based logo to boot – if IRIS were a human, it would be a taste-free middle-manager from the early 1990s.

The latest example is the IRIScan Book 2, a scanner which you have to drag over each sheet of paper by hand in order to digitize the letters thereon.