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Fallout Shelter dethrones Candy Crush Saga on App Store charts

Fallout Shelter

The nuclear holocaust has never been so adorable.

For years,’s Candy Crush Saga has been one of the App Store’s top earners. The addictive match-3 game was considered the crowning success of the freemium app genre, and although the growth of Candy Crush Saga has been slowing over time, it still dominated the App Store’s ranking charts.

But there’s a new king in town. A post-apocalyptic king. Fallout Shelter, Bethesda’s adorable nuclear bunker sim, has dethroned Candy Crush Saga as the App Store freemium game to beat.

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Makers Of Candy Crush Saga Crushing Any App With ‘Candy’ In The Name


If you have the word Candy in the name of your app, watch out. Limited — the makers of the hypnotically popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga — is gunning for you. They have trademarked the word ‘candy.’

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