Microsoft Unveils New Xbox One Console



This morning Microsoft unveiled  its newest console, the Xbox One. Unlike previous Xbox models though, Xbox One isn’t just about games, it’s about becoming the one system your living room needs, and it probably means trouble for the Apple TV.

Not only can Microsoft’s latest box play video games with the best of them, but Microsoft has added features to make it the only box your TV really needs by recognizing who you are, what you movies and shows you like, and allowing you to control it all with just your voice.

Apple’s iTV Will Be The Big Elephant In The Room At CES This Year [CES 2013 Preview]



Next week at CES every tech company in the world is going to cram under one roof and show off all their products that they hope will change the world. Well every company except Apple that is.

Even though Apple won’t have a presence at CES this year, we’ll see their influence everywhere, from ultrabooks to smartphones. But the biggest influence Apple will have on CES 2013 is with a product they haven’t even released yet – the mythical iTV.

Everyone is scared of what will happen if Apple launches an iTV because it will give them a virtual monopoly on all consumer screens (smartphones, laptops, tablets, and televisions). So naturally we’re going to see a lot of Smart TVs as everyone attempts to predict what Apple’s going to do, and then try to get there first.

Former Apple VP Andy Miller Joins Leap Motion To Revolutionize Your Mac



We’ve been drooling over the amazing power of Leap Motion’s powerful 3-D motion control software since we first got wind of it back in May. It’s the coolest way to interact with a computer since the invention of the mouse, and it looks like Leap Motion is bringing in some serious firepower to help get the company’s first product off the ground.

Former Apple VP, Andy Miller, has just been hired as Leap Motion’s COO and President. Miller left Apple in August of 2011 after working as Apple’s VP of Mobile Advertising since 2010 when his mobile advertising company, Quattro Wireless, was purchased by Cupertino. Hiring Miller gives Leap a significant figure who’s familiar with Silicon Valley and the challenges Leap will face when marketing their product against Microsoft’s Kinect controller.

This Tiny USB Dongle For Your Mac Makes The Kinect Look Like A Drunk, Stumbling Uncle


Imagine that you could buy a tiny USB-powered box that detected your motion like Microsoft’s Kinect, only instead of watching you jump around a room, it watched your hands and fingers. Imagine that the box was sensitive enough to track the tip of a pencil tracing out letters in a 1cm square of space, and to turn that into accurate handwriting on the screen.

Amazingly, that box is available for preorder right now. It’s called the Leap, and it works with your Mac.

This App Lets You Magically Control Your Music With The Wave Of A Hand



The coolest thing about the Microsoft Kinect is that it makes your feel like a freaking Jedi. Controlling a device by moving your hands or feet is ridiculously awesome when the technology works. Apple has been slow to jump on the motion control bandwagon, but that’s not stopping some clever developers from taking advantage of Apple’s built-in webcams and implementing their own crazy motion control technology. Enter Flutter – the new OS X app that lets you control all of your music without having to ever click a mouse.