Retro Apple iOS game controller works with Apple II


retro apple controller
The AP40 is designed with a silicon "leaf" plug for the USB port.
Photo: 8bitdo

The Apple II and IIc weren’t exactly known as gaming machines when they launched 40 years ago, but that’s not stopping 8bitdo from creating a new wireless gaming controller that comes with an adapter for the PC that put Apple on the map.

The new AP40 Bluetooth controller comes in the shape of a retro Apple logo, allowing you to wirelessly play any old school game on the Apple II.

This levitating charger won’t let your iPhone 7 down


The iPhone can float along magnetic waves as it charges.
The iPhone can float along magnetic waves as it charges.
Photo: Gryker, Inc.

The future arrived on the iPhone 7 and the no-earphone-jack thing is still sticking in your craw. Maybe you should just take a breath and float. Float your phone, that is.

Your new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus can float in midair on magnetic waves while it charges with the Air Charge, a charging device available via Kickstarter that further steps into a future without wires.

Levitating Apple Watch charger looks too futuristic to be real


Lift is a truly wireless Apple Watch charger.
Photo: Levitation Works

Apple Watch owners can now make the daily hassle of charging a magical experience thanks to a new charging station that looks like ir came straight from the future.

By combining the power of Apple Watch’s induction charging with magnets, the Lift charger levitates your watch in mid air while charging.

Check it out: