Want to turn your bottle into a speaker? Put a Cork in it.


Cork Speaker
Now you can bottle your sound, literally, with the Cork Speaker.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

There are Bluetooth speakers that are shaped like bottles. Then there’s the Bluetooth speaker that needs a bottle to work.

The Cork Speaker attaches right where you might think – at the opening of a bottle – and directs audio into the empty space so that it projects a deep and resonating sound.

Escape From New York smartwatch might make your head explode


Lifeclock One makes you Snake Plissken-chic.
Lifeclock One makes you Snake Plissken-chic.
Photo: Jonathan Zufi

Before there was an Apple Watch, Snake Plissken had a kind of smartwatch that tracked his health. He knew that if his watch hit zero before he could rescue the President of the United States, he could count on the explosives injected into his neck to go off.

But that’s not the point. What matters is that the countdown clock attached to actor Kurt Russell for the 1981 classic Escape from New York would make a really stylish smartwatch today. And you can now own one and wear it as if your president’s life depended on it.

Pocket-size light packs studio power for your iPhone shoot


Palm-size studio lighting by Lume Cube just got smaller with the new Life Lite.
Palm-size studio lighting by Lume Cube just got smaller with the new Life Lite.
Photo: Lume Cube

For all the magical powers coded and wired into the iPhone camera, it can’t rise to every challenge. You still need light to make a decent photograph and good light can be as fleeting as the moments you are trying to capture.

But what if you could put good light into your pocket and pull it out when you need it?

The makers of the popular Lume Cube have created a nifty but powerful light called Life Lite, ideal for mobile photographers who want to keep shooting even as darkness closes in.

Aircraft-grade aluminum Apple Watch band is ready for takeoff


Juuk watch band
A matte red finish, one of four available in the new Apple Watch band by Juuk.
Photo: Juuk Design

When Eugene Ho first saw the Apple Watch, it made him think of a jukebox. If the watch piece is the player then the wristband is like a song that can be changed according to taste and mood.

Ho is building a band brand that acknowledges the watch wearer who likes to change bands on a whim. The latest Apple Watch band from his company, Juuk Design, is an aircraft-grade aluminum link band designed in four finishes that will complement the aluminum model in both Series 1 and 2.

Dent-proof case gives MacBook a retro iMac look


The futuristic DropTech case on a MacBook Air.
Photo: Gumdrop Cases

It’s not easy to find MacBook cases that are both protective and good-looking; you usually have to choose between the two. But Gumdrop Cases has hit the nail on the head with its new DropTech case.

It promises to be one of the “world’s most durable MacBook cases,” and it looks like it came straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. Or maybe a retro iMac? Claim yours on Kickstarter now to take advantage of big discounts with early bird pricing.