Pixeljam snubs Kickstarter, rolls out own crowdfunding platform


Dino Run is part of Pixeljam's crowdfunding experiment.
Game developer Pixeljam is changing crowdfunding for the better.
Photo: Pixeljam

Pixeljam is no stranger to making iPhone and Mac games, but now the studio is taking on another challenge: transforming the way crowdfunding works to make it better for game developers and other creative types.

Company co-founder Miles Tillman describes the crowdfunding project as an “experiment” that’s an alternative to popular services like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Pixeljam’s new platform lets backers donate money just like the others, but prioritizes transparent communication, instant gratification and actually making the game ahead of crowdfunding staples like producing slick videos and stressing out over fundraising goals and deadlines.

Web cam attachment will improve your face time


The ViW can attach to any tablet, smartphone or computer for an improved picture on your video calls.
The ViW can attach to any tablet, smartphone or computer for an improved picture on your video calls.
Photo: Frankly

The extra long goatee is part of my look, but the two-toned thicket of coarse chin hairs can be a little jarring in a video call. If a screen’s built-in camera is not angled right and or placed at a proper distance, the beard may be the only thing the person gets on the receiving end. That and a lunch crumb or two.

A Swedish design firm has developed a camera attachment that increases the field of view so you can take in the whole face. The ViW will even illuminate your face in bad lighting.

Book Block lets you design your own custom notebooks


Custom design your own notebooks with Book Block.
Custom design your own notebooks with Book Block.
Photo: Mustard Design Agency

There are so many ways technology helps us record information. Yet, the analog notebook hangs in there. Paired with a pen, nothing commits information to memory quite like sketching or jotting thoughts and observations by hand on nice paper.

A London design agency, understanding how personal notebooks inspire creativity, has created a platform called Book Block for creatives to design their own notebooks.

Apple Watch mods free up your wrist for, you know, whatever


Apple Watch pocket pendant
Get ready to pay a little more to get a little less out of your Apple Watch.
Photo: Bucardo

We like the Apple Watch a lot. I use it every day, and when I’m not wearing it, sometimes I find myself checking my wrist out of habit. But one company thinks that your arm looks like it’s suffocating. Or that the Apple Watch can be molded into a variety of other fashion accessories. Or something else.

The point is this: For whatever reason, Bucardo is developing housings that turn your beloved Apple Watch into a dapper pocket number or a dazzling pendant, and it’s looking to you for funding.

Your smartphone doesn’t have to be useless while it’s charging


The Tilt stand on Kickstarter lets you use your smartphone without removing it.
Photo: Tilt

It’s pretty difficult to use your smartphone while it’s standing vertically. That’s why when we place our phones on a dock or stand, we tend to neglect them until they’re done charging. Challenging this habit are the makers of the Tilt stand, who seem to think you should be able to use your phone while it’s getting juiced.