Affordable slow-mo camera lets you stop a speeding bullet


High-speed video capture usually requires high-spending. But this fast and furious camera can be yours for less than $3,000.
High-speed video capture usually requires high-spending. But this fast and furious camera can be yours for less than $3,000.
Photo: Kron Technologies

David Kronstein fell in love with the capture of high-speed video while a teenager watching Mythbusters. He wanted one of those expensive cameras so bad and thought he had a shot at one in 2006 when an Olympus i-Speed 2 started at a bid of $150 on eBay.

When the bidding surpassed his college budget, Kronstein said, “Screw it, I’ll build one.”

Ten years later, he not only built the camera, he is making it available to average consumers at a tenth of the usual price. (High-speed cameras used in laboratories and TV production studios average around $25,000.)

Woz’s wacky music festival is the focus of new documentary


Steve Wozniak wax sculpture fake eyes
Remember that time Woz was a concert promoter?
Photo: Madame Tussauds

Before there was the Apple Music Festival, there was the US Festival: a sprawling, Woodstock-style music event hosted by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Boasting performances ranging from the Grateful Dead and the Ramones to The Kinks and Fleetwood Mac, the story behind the epic, money-losing concert is set to be told in a new documentary called The US Generation.

Alexa in your car, customizable drones and personal air-con [Crowdfund Roundup]


Help turn these awesome ideas into reality!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

You can find some incredible new gadgets on Kickstarter and Indiegogo that often go unnoticed. We’re rounding up some of the best every week to help them get the funding they need to become a reality.

This week, we’ve got modular drones that turn into all kinds of flying machines, a tiny white box that promises to improve your posture, a device that brings Amazon Alexa to your car, and the world’s first personal air conditioner.

Blips sticker turns your iPhone into a microscope


Get closer to your subject with Blips.
Photo: Blips

Place your iPhone’s camera too close to your subject and it loses its ability to focus, but not if you turn it into a microscope. That’s possible with a simple Blips sticker that’s placed over your iPhone’s camera lens — and you can preorder yours right now.

Take your wired headphones wireless with this Bluetooth adapter


AirMode Bluetooth headphone adapter
The AirMode Bluetooth headphone adapter lets you cut the cord on your wired headphones.
Photo: Audio Nation

If you’ve got high-end wired headphones and want to make them wireless, AirMode might do the trick. The short cable comes with standard audio connectors on either end that replace the detachable cords found on many headphones.

Packed with features and reasonably priced, AirMode could be the perfect Bluetooth dongle for retrofitting your gear for Apple’s wireless future.