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Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard Comes In Two Halves

matias ergopro

I tried to use Microsoft’s Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 for a while, and it was indeed comfortable. However, the keys were squishy, and the unit itself made it seem like I had a black-painted Bantha-II cargo skiff on my desk.

The brand-new Matias Ergo Pro will fix both of those problems.

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1Keyboard App: Use Your Mac’s Keyboard To Type On Your iPad, iPhone, Other Mac


1Keyboard looks like a great way to avoid having to spend $100 on Logitech’s K811 Easy Switch keyboard. It’s an app that takes the input from your Mac’s keyboard and sends it to the iDevice of you choice, and it costs exactly $0.

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Belkin’s Qode Keyboards For iPad Air Look As Good As The iPad They Fit

This is pretty hot right?

This is pretty hot right?

I wonder just what effect the new iPad Air will have on keyboard covers? The iPads one to four were all big enough that you could pretty much squeeze a full-sized keyboard into a matching cover, but all the keyboard cases I have so far tried for the iPad mini have been unusable, like a netbook keyboard.

Belkin’s new keyboards for the iPad Air hope that physics will continue to favor the former situation.

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Swivelling Keyboard Case Turns iPad Into PC-Like Tablet Computer


Remember those swivel-screen ultrabooks? The MacBook Air knockoffs with a screen and keyboard that could be twisted and refolded to make the device into either a slimline notebook or a really fat iPad copy? Well, now you can do the same thing to your actual iPad with the iHome Type Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Case.

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CODE Keyboard Is Mechanical, Customizable, Awesome


Jeff Atwood (of Stack Overflow fame) decided that he needed a new keyboard for his coding adventures. So instead of just firing up the Amazon app and starting from there, he decided to make his own. And now you can buy it, too. It’s the CODE mechanical keyboard, and you can use it to clack away to yourself, silently and in the dark.

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The Executive, The Perfect iPad Keyboard/Stand For Sweaty, Nylon-Suited Businessmen


“The Executive.” The very name brings to mind leather cellphone accessories, oversized black onyx desks and “business class” seats on a 737, which consist of a curtain between you and the oiks, an inch of extra legroom and a terrible, plastic-wrapped breakfast to shove into your gullet during the 25 minutes of non-restricted flight time.

And “The Executive” is also the name of a Bluetooth keyboard designed — presumably — for using in those cramped “business class” seats.

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TREWGrip Handheld Keyboard For iPhone And iPad [Kickstarter]


Put your hands down on your keyboard. Now pick them up and rotate them as if you’re about to hold an iPad in landscape mode. Now imagine that you’re gripping a keyboard, and that the keys of that keyboard are around the back of the slab in your hand, running vertically under your fingers.

That’s how the TREWGrip was designed.

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Take Two: Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Case For iPad Mini

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.09.45

Logitech is taking another stab at making a good keyboard case for the iPad mini, and it certainly looks hot. It’s called the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini, and it’s a tiny and lightweight book-style case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard. But can any iPad-mini-sized keyboard actually be good enough to type on?

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Microsoft’s Sculpt Makes Ergonomic Keyboards Hot Hot Hot


Before I recently discovered that the typing-related wrist pain I was experiencing was caused almost solely by the wrong chair/table height ratio (most tables are too high to be used for typing, even for a tall feller like me), I picked up one of Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboards, the Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. It has two standout features:

  1. It is extremely comfortable (once you get used to touch typing).
  2. It is extremely ugly.

The new Sculpt aims to fix the latter.

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The Awesome Modus III Packs Every Known iPad Accessory Into One Giant Package

The Awesome Modus III Packs Every Known iPad Accessory Into One Giant Package

You’re going to love this one. What if I told you there was an iPad accessory that combined a full-sized keyboard, a case, a desktop tray and an iPhone dock, plus a compartment for storing a whole mess of charging and connection accessories. And what if I told you this behemoth was styled into a package that would make a 1990s-era traveling businessman proud to use it?

Well, as you may have suspected, this absurdity does exist. It’s called the Modus III, and it’s all kinds of awesome.

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