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See how the Jurassic World trailer shamelessly rehashes the original film

Oh, this is the Jurassic movie where things don't go as planned. Photo: Universal

Oh, this is the Jurassic movie where things don’t go as planned. Photo: Universal

We recently got our first look at the Jurassic World trailer, the spot for Universal’s fourth installment in the blockbuster dinosauring-gone-awry franchise. And while I was listening to all of that crappy dialogue and looking at the pretty graphics, something felt weird. Kind of … familiar.

I couldn’t quite figure out where the déjà vu was coming from, but something made me want to watch the trailer for the first movie again.

As it turns out, Universal is recycling a lot of the same imagery from the older ad in hopes of making us excited about the movie in an almost subliminal way. Check it out:

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Humans are back on the menu in first Jurassic World trailer


Sea World’s going under, but at least we’ve got Jurassic World. Photo: Universal Pictures

It’s been over a decade since the last time Hollywood took us to the magical world of friendly and fun dinosaurs, but the first trailer for Jurassic World has been released, and from the looks of things, everything’s changed and yet nothing is different at all.

The park is open and humans are back on the menu. Chris Pratt is all over the first trailer, playing a genius paleontologists brought to the island to investigate the disappearance of a genetically-modified super dinosaur, created by Jurassic World’s air-head scientists, who obviously didn’t learn from the past three movies.

Watch the full trailer below:

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Short trailer for Jurassic World teases … another trailer

Chris Pratt seems concerned. Photo: Universal Studios

Chris Pratt seems concerned. Photo: Universal Studios

The fourth movie in the Jurassic Park series is slated to terrorize movie screens a full year from now. In order to drum up some excitement for Jurassic World, then, Universal has created this tiny trailer to advertise yet another trailer for the upcoming blockbuster.

The new trailer for a trailer shows very little, with some dinosaurs, a bubble car, an inquisitive Bryce Dallas Howard, and megastar Chris Pratt looking determined. Check it out.

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Jurassic World plot details revealed


Anyone who read my review of Jurassic Park Builder for iOS knows that I’m a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise — and like a lot of fans of the series I’m eagerly awaiting Jurassic World, the forthcoming movie sequel set to stomp into movie theatres June 12, 2015.

For those of us craving plot details like a t-rex craves human-sized snacks, director Colin Trevorrow recently shed some light in an interview for SlashFilm.

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