In Case You Didn’t Already Get Enough Spam, Google Will Deliver Ads To Your Gmail Inbox


I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time deleting spam messages from my inbox — despite using a junk mail filter. But the issue is about to get a whole lot worse, with Google gearing up to deliver adverts to our Gmail inboxes. The messages will appear under the new Promotions tab that was recently introduced in a Gmail update, and Google is testing them on a small number of users now.

Smartphone Coasters: I Hate Them Already



Today, I bring you news of the Smartphone Coaster, an innovation that is clearly set to take the world by storm. Well, the world of promotional marketing, at least.

What is it? The Smartphone Coaster is a steel kickstand which can be branded with your company’s logo, thus spreading your corporate message to the world whilst simultaneously depleting our precious Earth’s limited supply of minerals. Congratulations: you hate the future.

Hasselblad Puts Sony NEX-7 Guts Into ‘Luxury’ Case, Demands $6,500


Hasselblad plans to make the ugliest camera, like, ever.
Hasselblad plans to make the ugliest camera, like, ever.

Hasselblad is planning to take a Sony NEX-7, replace its tiny, well designed body with a hideous blob of precious metal and rare wood, and sell it for around $6,500.

Yes, Hasselblad is trying to become the Vertu of cameras, a company that confuses “luxury” materials with actual quality. And it’s all the more sad, as Hasselblad made the cameras that went to the moon.

New Polaroid Camera Is Little More Than A Cellphone And Printer In A Box

Polaroid. So sad.

Ahh, Polaroid – how far you have fallen. Once a true icon, an essential tool for photographers and a medium for many artists, as well as being the only way to take dirty photos without getting arrested at the processing lab.

Now you are stuck licensing your name and Logo to any cowboy who wants to stick a crappy ZINK (zero-ink) printer inside a box with a cellphone camera.

Finally! A Microfiber Cloth Printed With Classic Artworks


Wipe your iPad clean with a Van Gogh, just as the post-impressionist ear-chopper intended.

It seems that there can be no corner of the niche product universe that can’t be mined and exploited with tasteless “luxury” versions of regular, plain ol’ tools. Today’s example: the Lynktec ArtCloths, which show your “appreciation” for great art in the same way that the tinny ringtone snippet belching from your cellphone shows your appreciation of music.