Jony Ive expresses ‘primal fear’ over Steve Jobs movie


Jony Ive
He hasn't seen the movie, but Ive has his doubts.
Photo: AP

Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jony Ive said in an interview that he has a “primal fear” over the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, and particularly the possibility that the movie could portray his former boss and friend in a negative light. He did say he hasn’t seen the film, but remains skeptical.

“I’ve talked at length with friends of Steve and of me who have seen the film,” Ive said, before later adding that there are “sons, daughters, widows and very close friends who are completely bemused and completely upset.”

London’s ‘tired’ flagship Apple Store may be next for a Jony Ive overhaul


Say goodbye to these iconic giant Apple logos.
Photo: Apple

After the opening of the redesigned, tree-filled Apple Store in Brussels, Apple’s flagship Regent Street store in London is the next to get the Jony Ive treatment.

Working with Foster & Partners, the architectural firm responsible for the Gherkin skyscraper, Apple’s plans call for it to transform what it refers to as the “tired and outdated” look of the Regent Street Apple Store — even removing the instantly-recognizable four giant Apple logos outside the store entrance.

Jony Ive’s vision for new Apple Stores: live trees


Belgium's Apple Store is one of the first to bear Jony Ive's imprint.
Belgium's Apple Store is one of the first to bear Jony Ive's imprint.
Photo: Bruno Dalimonte/

We know Jony Ive can design computers large and small. So why not the space where the devices are sold?

The world caught a glimpse of a new Ive-designed Apple Store in Brussels this week and the common theme seems to be: wood.

iOS 9 review: It’s all about speed


Here's what time iOS 9 is landing in your area.
iOS 9 is going to shift your mobile life into the fast lane.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

iOS 9 won’t shock you with a bunch of whiz-bang new features or a drastic new look, but in many ways, Apple’s latest mobile operating system is more important than its two immediate predecessors. While iOS 7 and iOS 8 laid a foundation that embraced the future of mobile design, iOS 9 is making all those changes worth a damn.

Apple drops iOS 9 today, bringing a more intelligent UI, better built-in apps, a smarter Siri and much more. Our iOS 9 review shows how the new software makes everything you do on your iPhone or iPad easier — and far faster — than ever before.

Jony Ive soundboard ‘personally offended’ Apple’s design guru


Ever want to control Jony Ive? Now you can.
This joke didn't go over well at Cupertino.
Photo: Jony Jive

With his soothing British accent, love of flowery design terms, and immediately recognizable pronunciation of “aluminium,” few people in tech are as widely parodied as Jony Ive.

Impressions of Ive have become a tech industry trope in their own right, but last week an Ive-centric joke debuted online, which Apple’s design guru apparently found so offensive that he had Apple’s legal team contact the creators to take it down.