Photogram: A Beautiful Way To View Instagram On The Web [Review]



We love Jeff Broderick’s work here at Cult of Mac. We’ve told you about some of his web app projects, like QuickWiFi and QuickContact, and his latest creation is called Photogram. As the name implies, you can use Photogram to view Instagram in your web browser. The app is beautiful and optimized for both the desktop and mobile experience.

QuickWiFi Web App Allows You To Share Your Network Credentials The Easy Way


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Jeff Broderick, the designer behind the beautiful iOS Settings Home screens shortcuts we detailed weeks ago, has released a new web app for easily sharing a secured network with multiple users. QuickWiFi is a simple web interface that lets you distribute your network credentials with others via a verified WiFi profile.

With QuickWiFi, you no longer need to give everyone on your network a SSID and password. You can create a unique URL that others can use to gain access to your network — no password required. If you want to keep your network secure from the outside but also offer an easy way for your friends to join, this is the perfect tool.