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Jay Z fires shots at Apple and Spotify in vicious freestyle rap

Jay Z's got 99 problems, and Tim Cook may be one.

Jay Z’s got 99 problems, and Tim Cook may be one.

Tidal CEO and former Samsung sellout Jay Z may have wiped himself off the list of celebrities set to receive a complimentary Apple Watch, thanks to a vicious freestyle rap aimed at Apple, Spotify and YouTube.

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Jay Z’s got 99 problems, and Apple might be one

Jay Z's got 99 problems, and Tim Cook may be one. Photo: Flickr/NRK P3

Tidal could end up having a bit of a ‘Hard Knock Life’. Photo: NRK P3/Flickr CC

Jay Z has long described himself as the boss of the Big Apple, but right now it seems the Tidal CEO is butting heads with Apple and other music companies over an alleged multimillion-dollar “smear campaign.”

In a string of tweets over the weekend, Jay Z took issue with tech giants trying to make him out to be the bad guy — acknowledging that, “We may not be perfect – but we are determined” and that “We are here for the long haul.”

Although perhaps not if Apple has anything to say about it!

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Jay Z challenges Apple with artist-owned streaming music service

Jay Z's got 99 problems, and Tim Cook may be one. Photo: Flickr/NRK P3

Jay Z’s got 99 problems, and Tim Cook may be one. Photo: NRK P3/Flickr CC

On his Kingdom Come album, Jay Z talked about being a big star “befo’ Steve Jobs made the iPod.”

Now, close to a decade later, the hip-hop mogul is keen to show that he is still ahead of Apple by introducing his new streaming music rival to Spotify and Pandora, prior to Apple’s own rumored Beats Music rebrand.

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Jay Z takes aim at Dr. Dre with his own high-def music streamer

Jay Z is readying his Beats Music rival Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Jay Z is readying his Beats Music rival Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Dr. Dre became the first billionaire of hip-hop thanks to Apple’s $3 billion acquisition of Beats Music and its accompanying over-priced headphone brand. Jay Z is pretty much the only big name rapper that hasn’t imitated Dre by slapped his name on headphones. Instead, he’s decided to do the next best thing and buy a high-def music startup.

Jay Z purchased the Scandinavian music streaming company Aspiro today, adding to his array of businesses that include clothing, sports bars, and a sports agency. The takeover cost Jay Z $56 million in an effort to take on the likes of Spotify, Beats Music, and the fiery music titan Neil Young.

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8 wild Apple rumors that turned out to be totally off the mark

Beats Music gets exclusive access to Jay Z’s Jungle


Beats already released one epic World Cup commercial this month, but last night Dre’s music behemoth tossed out another fantastic ad wrapped in an exclusive Jay Z track you’ll only find on Beats Music.

For the next week a new remix of “Jungle” featuring Jay Z alongside fellow Brooklyn-based friends, X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons will be exclusively available on Beats Music streaming service.

Checkout the full Beats ad with J Hova’s ungodly soccer fueled verse:

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Samsung Throws The NBA $100 Million To Have Tablets & TVs Used Courtside


Samsung has struck a $100 million deal with the NBA that will see its tablets and televisions used courtside during games. The deal is seen as a strategic move that could expand the global reach of both parties, shoving Samsung’s logo and devices into the faces of NBA fans, and putting NBA content into the hands of Samsung’s customers.

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Facebook For iOS Now Verifies Celebrities And Brands, Just Like Twitter


Facebook for iPhone and iPad has been updated to introduce verified celebrities, public figures, and brands. Just like on Twitter, verified accounts will have a blue check mark next to their names, so now you’ll know for certain whether that guy you’ve been talking to really is Justin Bieber.

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Why Even Jay-Z Can’t Make Samsung Cool For Long

jzIn the ongoing smartphone culture wars, Samsung spent a reported $5 million engaging the latest song stylings of Jay-Z as an exclusive for Galaxy owners.

Owners of that phone contended for a million copies of the impressively-titled album “Magna Carta Holy Grail”  launched July 4 in a special app, three days before the rest of us can get it in iTunes. Media saw the promotion as a tactical move by Samsung to gain position on the music front over Apple.

The cachet lasted about as long as a cheap sparkler: there are thousands of torrents of the album available.

As one of the guys who decided to spread the work of Beyoncé’s husband up for everyone put it: “I should clarify it was available to the first million (I think…) Samsung Galaxy owners to chime in with an app for the album. My wife got it but I’m not rocking a Samsung :/”