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Oracle Java is now installing adware on Macs. Here’s how to avoid it

Boo, Oracle. Boo. Photo: ZDNet

Boo, Oracle. Boo. Photo: ZDNet

Mac users have had it pretty good when compared to Windows users, at least on the adware and nuisanceware front. Even Oracle, who has bundled the search toolbar with Java for Windows for years, has abstained from infecting its Mac users with adware.

Sadly, though, that era now seems to be an end, with Oracle opting to bundle its most recent versions of Java for Mac with the search toolbar.

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How To Allow Self-Signed Java Run On Your Mac [OS X Tips]

Java Warning mix

Java is kind of a pain in the butt, if you ask me, but there are many sites that use it.

A friend of mine contacted me this weekend looking for help in getting her Java up and running so she could upload photos to her photography business website. See, she’d upgraded to Java 7 and when she went to use the upload function on her website, she got the security warnings above.

After a bunch of googling and messing about on the internets, we figured it out.

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You Can Learn HTML5 And JavaScript With Ease [Deals]


We’re getting to the season where we start to think about taking on new challenges, and this Cult of Mac Deals offer will help those who want to tackle learning two of the most popular programmnig languages out there.

In this course – suitable for beginners, enhtusiasts, or even professionals – you’ll learn HTML5 and JavaScript. And for a limited time this course is available for just $19. That’s a savings of 51%!

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Mosaic For iOS Syncs Picks And Rating With Lightroom For Mac And PC


Great news for Lightroom users who both own iPads and love the Java runtime: The Mosaic app can now do two-way sync with Lightroom on your Mac, letting you load photos onto your computer and then sit down in your favorite easy chair with a cup of coffee to rate and reject your pictures using the iPad.

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You’ll Need To Install Java On OS X Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]


As we continue to look at some tips for the new OS X beta this week, remember that OS X Mavericks isn’t a final version—it’s meant to be used by developers to ensure that their software will work with Apple’s latest and greatest.

With that disclaimer in mind, let’s continue.

If you need to use Java for any reason on your Mac, and you install OS X Mavericks beta on it, you’ll be sad when you try and run that Java-reliant bit of software.

For me, it was setting up the Minecraft server for my kid after I installed the beta last night to take a look at things. When I went to run it in Terminal, I got an error, saying there was no Java installed. So, even though I’d had Java installed in Mac OS X Mountain Lion, the Mavericks install seems to have taken Java off my Mac. No worries; it was kind of an easy fix.

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Apple Blocks Older Versions Of Adobe Flash Plug-In To Protect Users From Malware

Apple has crippled Flashback significantly, and the number of infected users is dropping rapidly.

Apple announced today that they have updated Safari’s web plug-in that blocks older versions of Adobe Flash Player.

The update comes after Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft experienced a slew of malicious attacks on their computers via a Java exploit. Blocking the Adobe Flasher Player plugin should protect users from vulnerabilities.

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Apple Never Contacted Hacked Site That Compromised Employee Macs About Attack

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 1.01.28 PM

Following yesterday’s surprise announcement that multiple employee computers within Cuptertino had been compromised by a malicious zero-day Java exploit that was uploaded to an iOS developer forum, the owner of the attacked site has spoken out, claiming that not only did he have no idea he had been hacked… Apple never even contacted him to tell him.

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This iPhone Developer Forum Is Responsible For Hacking Apple Employees’ Macs

Do not visit this site.

Do not visit this site.

Earlier today it was reported that Apple’s computers had been compromised by a zero-day exploit in Java. Apple quickly released an update to patch the flaw for all Macs, but not before some of its own employees had been hacked.

The hack in question affected more than just Apple; Silicon Valley giants like Facebook and Twitter were also compromised. How exactly were hackers able to gain access to some of the biggest tech companies’ computers? The source is a single web forum for iPhone development.

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Apple Issues Java For OS X Update After Hacking Attack


Hot on the heels of Oracle’s own update, Apple has released a Java for OS X 2013-001 software update for download that addresses the software vulnerability that compromised a number of their employees’ computers.

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Oracle Patches Java 7 & Java 6 Following Apple Hack To Close “Remote Compromise”


Following today’s big story that a number of employee computers within Apple were compromised following a zero-day Java exploit, Oracle has just released update 15 for Java 7 and update 41 for Java 6.

While there’s no specific mention of what has been updated, there’s excellent reason to believe it fixes the vulnerability that compromised both Apple and Facebook.

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