Jabra’s new earbuds put a fitness coach in your ear


Jabra Sport Coach put a trainer in your ear
Jabra Sport Coach put a trainer in your ear
Photo: Jabra

Now that I’ve got an Apple Watch I’ll never go back to boring wired headphones, and now that Jabra’s new wireless earbuds have built-in coaching, I’ll probably never have to hire a personal trainer either.

Jabra launched its newest set of earbuds today called the Jabra Sport Coach, that along with sounding excellent and looking cool, the wireless buds add an integrated motion sensor so you can get real-time feedback on all the burpees, lunges, squats, and planks you do at the gym.

Is It Me Or Do Jabra’s ‘Wireless’ Earbuds Have Wires?



I love wireless gadgets, but sometimes they’re more trouble than they’re worth. For instance, I’m forever getting dropped connections on my AirPlay speakers, making them more annoying to use than wired speakers, despite the promised convenience. And wireless earbuds seem like an exercise in frustration. I regularly lose even my white Apple EarPods, so imagine how bad it’d be with two separate (and tiny) buds.

Jabra’s new Rox wireless earbuds at least address the last question. How? By adding a wire.

Hopefully The New Cycling-Friendly Jabra Sport Wireless+ Bluetooth Earbuds Fix Its Predecessor’s Woes



Jabra made a big show of introducing their Sport Bluetooth music/phone earbuds at CES this year, even bringing in triathlete celeb and Ironman champ Craig Alexander to flaunt the buds while he sweat away the miles on a stationary bike. Unfortunately, the Sport has been plagued by reports of abysmal Bluetooth connectivity (possibly due to range) and poor fit ever since it shipped.

Jabra’s response is their new Sport Wireless+, the successor to the Sport, which Jabra says has made everything better.