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iTunes’ Revenue Alone Would Rank Apple #130 On The Fortune 500 [Chart]


We all know Apple is one of the biggest companies around, but how big is just iTunes? Bigger than many famous, multinational corporations, as it turns out… and that’s without counting in iPhone, iPad and Mac sales.

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Apple Launches iTunes Radio Down Under


Apple announced this morning that its iTunes Radio music service has finally branched out from being available only in the U.S.

Starting today iTunes users in Australia can start using Apple’s free Internet radio service, after iTunes Radio originally debuted in the U.S. last September alongside iOS 7. 

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Pacemaker For iPad Lets You DJ With Spotify Music

Pacemaker For iPad Lets You DJ With Spotify Music

I’m a terrible DJ (unless you count success by the number of people you can force off the dance floor with one track, in which case I’m a total mix master), but I’ve worked with enough DJs to know the tricks of the tracks. And one of those tricks is the old left-it-at-home routine.

When somebody requests a song you don’t want to play, you say “Excellent song! I love that one.” Then you pause and say “I think I left it at home.”

Now, Djs will have no excuse, becasue the new Pacemaker app will let you spin and mix tunes from Spotify’s huge gazillion-song library.

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PayPal Is Desperate To Be Apple’s Mobile Payments Partner

Passbook may put personal and business data together in way that makes it hard to separate them down the road.

Apple holds one of the world’s largest collection of active credit cards in the world thanks to iTunes, yet despite all that purchasing power, it has only recently begun to look into processing payments for physical goods, and PayPal is desperate to play a role in the action.

Payment industry executives say that PayPal is pitching Apple hard to let it in on the company’s rumored payment initiative, according to a report from Re/code. At this point, executives aren’t sure what type of tech Apple wants to use, or even how big a role it wants to play in the industry, but they’re willing to go as far as white-labeling their payments service, just so Apple will use it.

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How To Rename iTunes Radio Stations With Ease [iOS Tips]

iTunes Radio Rename

iTunes Radio now lets you create stations full of the artists and songs you like, just like Pandora. You can also add artists to the list that you don’t want playing in the station.

When you create a new iTunes Radio station, though, it’s typically named after the first song or artist that you create the station with. That’s not always what you want.

You can rename any station you like with a couple of easy taps.

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Rap Genius Launches iPhone App For Its Lyrical Breakdowns


Having just crawled out of its smackdown from Google, Rap Genius is back with a new app for iOS that gives you access the site’s breakdowns and explanations on all those pop songs you just don’t understand.

The Genius app lets you swim in the all the annotations for song lyrics, poems, and news articles provided by the Rap Genius community. Once you install the app it scans your iTunes Library to prep all your song lyrics. There’s also a Shazam like function that can find lyrics for any song that’s playing around you.

The app is only available on iPhone with no word on an iPad version or upcoming support for Android, but you can grab it for free on iTunes starting today.

Here are the full release notes:

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Mentio App Curates And Keeps iTunes Wish Lists


Seemingly just moments after an iTunes update added the ability to browse our App Store wish lists, along comes Mentio, an iPhone app to do the exact same thing. Only instead of using your existing iTunes wish list, it lets you build your own, and buy apps, movies and music from within the app itself.

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Apple Brings Wish List Viewing To Library In iTunes

iTunes 11 icon

Today Apple released a minor update to iTunes that brings the ability to view your iTunes Store wish list directly in your local library. Support for Arabic and Hebrew has also been improved with other stability improvements.

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Baboom! Kim Dotcom Takes Aim At iTunes And Spotify


Remember the uber-popular Megaupload?

Kim Dotcom — the controversial entrepreneur behind that site — is soft-launching his long-discussed music service Baboom. Described as a cross between iTunes and Spotify, the site will feature a combination of paid content alongside content available free to those who install an ad substitution browser plugin.

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DoubleTwist’s New Android App Lets You Rip Songs From iTunes Radio


DoubleTwist, the company that has long been helping Android-powered devices work harmoniously with iTunes, today released a new Android app that lets users rip songs from iTunes Radio. Called AirPlay Recorder, the app essentially turns your Android device into an AirPlay receiver, then records all the audio that you play through it.

But is it legal?

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